Save the Blow Dry: Shower cap

As a mum to 3 young children; one of them not yet walking, I rarely get time to do much for myself and that includes flaming myself up like I used to. I have long hair passed my shoulders and no intention of going short. My hair is naturally curly and when wet often goes frizzy or wavy. It takes quite a while and effort for me to constantly blow dry and straighten my hair. Well now there is an alternative.
Save the Blow Dry is a revolutionary shower hat and is most certainly queen of all available shower caps.

It comes in a very lovely girly pink colour and features a waterproof design with an internal layer of super absorbent micro weave towelling.

The towelling layer acts to zap humidity and condensation leaving hair dry, soft and bouncy and eliminating the need to blow dry.

The cap also has a dual usage. It can be trine inside out and put over a hair treatment allowing it to work on hair more effectively and stopping any drips.
I love using my new shower cap. I hadn’t really bothered using them before as I always thought they looked cheap and plasticky. This one is great tho. It’s very stretchy so will fit even the largest of heads and once it’s on it clings to your head to fit. The towelling layer makes it feel comfy and soft and my hair stats completely dry and tangle free whilst showering. Here are some pictures of me with it on. Try not to laugh.

And turned inside out.

There is lots of room in the cap for even the longest thickest hair. Once used it’s best to shake the cap to remove any excess water and hang up for next time. Even Jordanna enjoys using the cap too as she also has long curly hair which takes a long time to dry.
Save the Blow Dry cap can be purchased at Β£14.95 here

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