The Cottage Soap Company

The Cottage Soap Company is a family run business specialising in beautiful handmade soaps.

The soaps are handmade in small batches to ensure the best quality. They contain the finest herbs, oils and botanicals and are not tested on animals, nor do they contain any animal fats.
The soaps look great and have a long lasting fragrance.
The soaps come in both traditional looking soap bars and all sorts of fancy designs giving that extra nice touch to your bathroom. Soaps are also produced as guest soaps for guest accommodations and there are also bath salt and bath bag products to choose from.
Their Christmas range includes both gift sets and festive bars plus fancy stocking fillers. One of their stocking filler soaps is in the shape of robot men. I was sent one over which my kids absolutely love using.

The robot men soap come in four different colours. Pink, blue, yellow and green. They are suitable for both adults and children and contain goats milk which is great for nourishing skin. The shape of them is based on the little men you find in Lego sets so these will definitely appeal to children and make a great stocking filler. They cost just Β£2.50 each or can be bought in a gift set of three. Each one has a different unique fragrance. My kids think our pink one smells like strawberry milkshake.
Soaps always make a nice extra little gift. After all everyone needs soap don’t they.

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