Teksta Space Jump

Teksta is a puppy of the next generation More loveable, more interactive and with an increased ability to learn and adapt – this is the Robotic Puppy of the future!
Teksta responds to voice, touch and hand gestures without a remote control. Teksta can learn to sit, walk, flip and do other amazing tricks.

Teksta comes in both pink and blue and with a special high tech modern feature of a downloadable app which will allow him to tap his paws to any beat and video link with other Teksta friends,
This is without a doubt likely to be a much sought after pet this Christmas.

Join Teksta today on YouTube where Teksta will be performing an amazing space jump. Yes that’s right a Space Jump. I could hardly believe it myself. The video will be viewable from 4PM today (27/10/2013) so tune in here


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