Harumika Designer Dress Form Set (Christmas Gift Guide)

Christmas is approaching fast and just less than ten weeks away. Everyone thinks little girls are easy to buy for but that’s not always the case as they can soon get fed up of dolls and jigsaws.
Jordanna was sent a creative set from toy makers Bandai. It’s called the Harumika Designer Dress Form Set there are many sets in the collection which allow little girls to create various outfits in a range of themes and Jordanna has the belly dance set.
The set features two fashion doll sized mannequins which come on stands. There is no need for gluing or sewing in this kit which means less mess for me.
The set contains four glittery bits of fabric which are used to create various outfits. Using the enclosed stylus design tool the fabric can be tucked into the dress form and mixed and matched to create lots of fun designs. The fabrics are in pink and purple and very sparkly

Jordanna is very happy creating her designs and tries to create new ones all the time. She would now like an extra kit with different materials so she can make more.
This set is great for little girls aged 6 and over and inspires their little creative minds.
The full collection of these kits can be seen at Bandai. The kits differ in price and contents. They would make excellent Christmas presents and stocking fillers.

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