Ghostly Goings On at Haribo

Here at Bizzimummy HQ we are well stocked up and prepared for when the ghosts and ghouls call on Halloween. Trick or Treat time is just days away and I don’t want to disappoint the little monsters when they brave the weather in their scary costumes knocking on door to door in search for those treats.

So how did it all begin?
The term Trick or Treat originated in the USA back in the 1950s but the tradition of going from door to door receiving food already existed in Britain and Ireland and was known as souling
It involved children and poor people singing and praying in return for cakes and other food items.
Guising also came before trick or treat and it is thought to have begun in Scotland at the very end of the 19th century. This involved children in costumes knocking on doors for money and food around Halloween time.
There are however records going as far back as the Middle Ages of children dressing in costumes and begging door to door for treats making this a very old and still popular tradition.

So if your not yet stocked up on Halloween treats and sweets then it’s time to get some. Haribo have launched a great Halloween range with lots to choose from.
First up is the newly crafted Trick or Treat Megabox

20131016-134408.jpg this huge box contains a massive 50 individual mini bags of horror mix. Lots of spooky things can be found in these bags. Gums and ghastly jellies which are sure to be popular with the witches and wizards out there.
Then there is the PARTY BUCKET

20131016-134630.jpg. A scary cauldron full of 40 mini bags of mystery plus a few terrifying extras buried deep inside it and guaranteed to go down well with any party. Stickers and lots more plus an extra surprise in way of a competition.

The fun doesn’t end there as there’s plenty more to choose from with a selection of 200g sharing bags or if you don’t want to share you can always hide them away until the monsters have gone.

With spooky ghosts, Fangtastic tangs monsters and horror mix it’s almost certain that those calling monsters won’t be disappointed when they call at my house.
Last but not least party mix and Trick or Treat mini mixes each containing a mixture of individual haribo bags are sure to go down a great treat this Halloween.

Keep your treats by your door and the monsters will definitely come calling soon.

You will find these spooky delightful treats in the eerie aisles of Asda and Tesco and perhaps hiding elsewhere.

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