Badge It by Bandai

Badge it is a great creative toy which has kept my two busy for a while when they say there is nothing to do. The Badge It kit comes from famous toy makers Bandai.
It will make a great gift for both boys and girls alike and also a good activity to encourage siblings to share. My two struggle with sharing and often end up arguing.
Inside the box are badge tops, badge bottoms, transparent seals, badge design template sheets, safety pins, badge maker and instructions.

There is enough to make approximately 15 badges in total and extra top up kits can be purchased once we run out.
To start with the kids chose a design from the design sheet and cut around the one they wanted. Then they opened out the drawer in the badge machine and Placed a badge top into the slot, design on top with a transparent seal. The drawer is then pushed back in and kids turn the dial until it clicks. After the click the badge bottom is placed in drawer 2 and same steps as before.

Then the badges are made and the pins can be pushed in.

The instructions are fairly straightforward and easy to follow. The badge machine is easy enough for children to use and the badges are quite safe. Ryan managed it no problem whereas Jordanna needed a little help when making her badges.
I find this a good creative toy, great for those rainy cold days or boring school holidays. When the badges run out I will have to try and buy refills which again would make a good stocking filler idea.
The badge it toy itself costs Β£20 and refills Β£9.

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