Protecting Izebella’s First Teeth

A few days ago I made a very nice surprising discovery. My now one year old Izebella has finally cut her first teeth. She has two at the bottom of her mouth. They are still tiny and growing and it’s pretty impossible to get a picture at the moment but hopefully soon I will get one up. I didn’t think she would ever get any. One is fairly late for first teeth but in a way it’s not a bad thing as I havnt had to worry about caring for them until now.

I inherit bad teeth from my parents. No matter how many expensive oral care products I use they still look horrible. Both my parents have some false teeth and my dad a full false set so it was inevitable the bad teeth family trait would be passed to somebody. I am therefore constantly worried about my children’s teeth and have regular check ups at dentist combined with twice daily brushing but problems still arise.
Now that Izebella also has teeth I decided straight away that it was best to start brushing immediately. One to get her used to it and Two to get the best care to her teeth and gums straight away.

A few weeks ago I was sent some toothpaste called Toothy Fruity from the well known kids Bathtime product company Halos n Horns. I did a feature on some of their amazing child friendly bath products a while ago and I didn’t realise they also did children’s toothpaste.

The Toothy Fruity Toothpaste is free of the SLS foaming agent which is found in many other children’s toothpastes. Therefore parents do not need to worry about their little ones swallowing SLS when brushing teeth. It is still recommended that children spit after brushing to minimize swallowing. Obviously very young children and older babies such as Izebella are unable to spit out so it’s advisable to only use a tiny amount for the younger ages. The toothpaste does contain fluoride too therefore giving little teeth the best all round protection.

The toothpaste comes out as a pinky/red gel and smells and tastes fruity like strawberry and bananas.
To brush Izebellas tiny teeth I use a small finger brush with simply fits over a parents finger with a toothbrush shape on it. This is really useful and much better for the first teeth than toothbrushes (even baby ones) . I put a very very small about on to the brush part and rubbed my finger on her tiny teeth and around her gums. She didn’t cry or gag, she seemed to like the taste and actually enjoyed the whole brushing experience. I am going to continue brushing her teeth this way twice daily until she has more teeth and more ready for a baby tooth brush.

The toothpaste can be found in Asda and bought directly from Halos N Horns.

Halos N Horns have a guide called Fun with Tooth brushing which is packed with fun practical advice to help make tooth brushing more fun for those stubborn toddlers. You can download it here

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  1. October 15, 2013 / 13:59

    We use this toothpaste at home, in fact my kids won’t have anything else! πŸ™‚

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