Never lose uniforms with My Name Tags

I am constantly fed up of Ryan and Jordanna losing parts of their uniform (mainly jumpers) or p.e kits at school. It gets quite costly when I have to buy more or when they come home with someone else’s and I have to return the items with no sign of theirs.
I was contacted by My Name Tags and was able to make some personalised labels.
My Name Tags brings the best name tags to schools and parents. Their tags are very personal with first and second names if required and possibly even class numbers. There is a huge choice of colours and lots of pictures/icons to choose from in a variety of themes such as nature, sport, toys, seasonal etc. A choice of handwriting styles is also avaliable.

There are three types of label available.
Colour iron on labels, Colour stickers which can be used for clothing and equipment and classic labels with a ten year washing guarantee.

I made four lots of the Colour sticker labels which are stuck into the clothing washing labels and stay there even when washed.

These are Ryan and Jordannas labels which I use for everything from uniforms and p.e kits and pencil cases. They also stick them on their toys so they can’t be taken by each other. Ryan chose a black design with a scary ghost as he considers his self too old for other colours and patterns but loves his spooky Halloween design and Jordanna being girly chose a cute mushroom on a pink background.As you can clearly see the writing styles are totally different. They are very easy to use by simply placing on the clothing washing labels. I prefer these to iron on ones.
I also made some special blog ones using a pink pattern and a butterfly.

And of course I couldn’t leave little Izebella out so here are hers.

The labels came on sheets of 56 stickers in total so lots to last a while and with clear instructions on the back. Hopefully now there will be no excuses for missing uniforms.

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