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I love my fish and seafood. I have tried many different types of fish and enjoy most of them. However I find the variety offered in supermarkets and local stores is very disappointing as do the founders of The Fish Society.

The Fish Society are a small company with just five employees. They started over ten years ago and focus on both quality and size as well as sustainability where possible. They have an extremely large selection of fish and seafood which are sold in different sizes, different cuts and amounts. If you are a lover of fish and seafood then you are sure to find something you like. Everything from cod to caviar at The Fish Society.

I was able to choose some tempting ocean delights for me and the crew to sample. It was a difficult choice as there is just so much variety. In the end here is what I chose.

Best North Atlantic Prawns

The prawns come ready peeled and cooked. All the fish arrives frozen and packed with ice blocks for freshness. The prawns come in 750g or 2250g. The 750g bag is roughly an 8 person serving.

The prawns are the finest I have tasted and I have tasted many. They are very generous in size and very juicy and succulent. Excellent with salads or a lovely prawn cocktail



Lobster is probably my favourite overall seafood. It's quite hard to get hold of and when I do it doesn't always taste so fresh. I chose a cooked lobster as I have absolutely no idea how to go about cooking one. I do however luckily know how to crack one open to extract the lovely meat.

The lobster also arrived frozen. It was easy to get into and there was plenty of delicious lobster meat inside. The lobsters come in different sizes depending on how many people need feeding. I mixed some of the lobster meat with the prawns, made some salad and pasta and mixed it all up. It was very tasty.


Sea bass

The sea bass comes in fillets, frozen in packs of two. I have had sea bass before but this tends to be at a restaurant or whilst on holiday and I had never cooked it myself before.

The fillets are scaled and gutted and frozen for freshness. They are rather large and I felt quite full eating two. I oven cooked them with some potatoes and vegetables. It's a very nice tasting fish.


These Swordfish steaks made a lovely meal. They are a little like tuna steaks in texture with a distinct taste and very large in size

Again I have never cooked swordfish before either and I'm not entirely sure if I had ever tried it before now. It has a lovely taste to it- well in my opinion it does anyway and can be oven cooked, grilled, barbecued and cooked in many different ways.



I recall my Father often buying jars of cockles when I was a child. I had not seen them about for several years so thought I'd get a jar. They come in a jar of vinegar and can also be purchased raw. Great for salads again or just dipping into as a snack.

The above products are just a very small selection of what the Fish Society sell. To view other products please visit their website

I have a special code especially for my blog readers. If you enter BIZZI at checkout you will get 10% off your order until November 16th

All the fish arrives frozen usually using dry ice to preserve freshness and is delivered direct to your door. The Fish Society offers numerous special offers on individual fish which change all the time and last for a week. You can sign up by email to be notified when these special offers take place.

Fish is great at any time of year. Christmas is soon approaching. Fish and seafood make nice starters and even alternatives to Christmas or new year dinners.


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