Shloer Rhubarb & Raspberry Punch

Shloer are creators of a delicious range of non-alcoholic sparkling juices. There are seven varieties altogether and I think they make a great alternative to a glass of wine. I drank Shloer lots whilst pregnant, I’m not a huge drinker but often have an odd glass of wine and friends houses and Shloer being made with grapes and a great taste is an excellent non-alcoholic substitute. It’s nice with Sunday dinner too and a nice sparkling edition to a barbecue. Great for any occasion really.
The new flavour is Raspberry & Rhubarb punch and is packed full of sparkling fruity flavours. It is a limited edition drink and cleverly blends two classic ingredients to create a unique and refreshing grape based juice drink with flavours of raspberry and tangy rhubarb.

Shloer are proud to be the official soft drink sponsor of the 17th Gastro Alfresco Campaign bringing food and drink to supermarkets across the country.
Shloer can also be bought in six other flavours – White Grape, Red Grape, RosΓ©, Apple & White Grape, White Grape Raspberry & Cranberry and White Grape & Elderflower. Bottles come in 75cl size and have an rrp of Β£2.25. They are available in most supermarkets.

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