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Clarks is a family business passionate about top quality products that are natural, safe and innovative.
There are five types of Maple Syrup each one graded buy its purity, colour and flavour. The different grades of syrup are harvested at different times of the season depending on weather. I was kindly sent four syrups to try out.


    Clarks Canadian Number One

20130817-165525.jpg this is considered in Canada to be the real maple syrup has a very sweet and rich maple flavour. Great over hot desserts, salmon dressing and traditional waffles as we found.


    Clarks Canadian Number 2 (Amber)

20130817-170155.jpg. This is also known as grade C. It is very rich in flavour and colour. It is great for cooking and baking with but also for making sauces and marinades . I drizzled some of this syrup with a little oil over some vegetables I made. It gave the food a nice sweet flavour which almost reminded me of those sweet parsnips on a Christmas dinner.



    Clarks Original Maple Syrup

20130817-170949.jpg. A blend of pure maple syrup with carob fruit syrup and is the UKs best selling Maple syrup. Makes a nice alternative to sugar in coffee and great for baking too. On a rainy school holiday day me and Jordanna decided to bake some choc chip star cookies and used some of this syrup in with the ingredients. We used flour, egg, milk, castor sugar, butter, vanilla, choc chips and maple syrup to make delicious tasting cookies.



    Clarks Vanilla Maple Syrup

20130817-172208.jpg. A lovely blend of Maple Syrup with Carob fruit syrup and natural vanilla flavouring. It has a very sweet lovely taste and I could really taste the vanilla in this. This one also makes a good baking ingredient and and a delicious coffee too and tastes amazing over hot or cold desserts- especially ice-cream.



I have enjoyed using my maple syrups to make a variety if things and am looking for new recipes to try them out to their full potential. So if anyone has any ideas for maple syrup recipes then please comment below and I will try to make them.
All the syrups are available in Asda, Morissons,Sainsburys and Real Food Direct. For more information please visit Clarks.


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