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Grey’s Fine Foods stock one of the largest selections of Spanish foods and wines. They are passionate about Spanish food culture hence why they started their food importing business in order to bring the best gourmet products from Spain.
The majority of their products cannot be found in the UK. The range of items they sell is vast and unique and of excellent quality.
I was kindly sent some of their products for review and here are my thoughts.

Mahon Son Mercer de Baix Cheese

20130814-202926.jpg this is a tender semi-ripe pasteurised Cheese. It is very crumbly and also a very strong flavour to it. £35 per 2Kg piece. It is best opened and alllowed to come up to room temperature to fully appreciate the aroma.


Martinez Somalo Serrano Ham

20130814-203550.jpg just one of the many hams in the ham & charcuterie range at Grey’s. This ham is cured for 15 months to ensure best all round flavour. A good idea is to serve on toasted bread with a drizzle of Fuenroble oil and grated tomato.

20130814-203955.jpg. This ham tasted delicious and would be great to eat any time of the day. I especially enjoyed this at breakfast time; the ham has a lovely smoky flavour to it. £2.00 per 100g


Fuenroble Olive Oil

20130814-204335.jpg. This oil is the most awarded oil in Spain having over 70 awards to its name. It is an intense green fruited oil and contains reminiscent of fig, grass, apple, tomato and I ripened almond. Being an oil it has a multitude of uses and can be used or cooking food and also on salads and meats, hams (as above) or anything else you wish to add this to.
£10.95 per 500 ml bottle


Martinez Somalo Barbecue Chorizo

20130814-205755.jpg This lovely spanish sausage is produced by a family business which started in the 1900. I was a little apprehensive when I first saw this as I thought it would need to be cooked in some sort of special way. However it’s actually very easy to prepare and cook; just like ordinary sausage really. They can be grilled, fried, oven cooked or even barbecued. I had to peel the, first as they have an outer wrapper on which I didn’t think was edible. I made a lovely Spanish omelette or Fritatta as they are sometimes known using the Chorizo, onions, potato and eggs. Very easy and quick to make.


20130814-210232.jpg it was very filling (obviously I didn’t eat it all myself) I loved the taste of the chorizo and this is something I would like to try again. £4.50 per pack.


Bonito Tuna

20130814-210528.jpg Bonito Tuna is the highest quality tuna fish and is captured in large groups on the Bay of Biscay. It is also known as White Tuna and characterised by its white flesh and softer texture compared to other types of tuna.

20130814-210829.jpg. I found this tuna defiantly had more flavour than the standard stuff you find in supermarkets and there was also much less water meaning more fish. The texture was also less crumbly and flaky than cheaper versions. I enjoyed a delicious tuna salad on since warm day. £4.25 per tin.


Querida Carmen Fideua

20130814-211314.jpg. A new product and an ray way to make a gourmet Paella. This kit contains everything I needed to make a Fideua paella in 20 minutes without any chopping or peeling. I simply opened the can and boiled the contents, then added the noodles and cooked until the liquid was absorbed.

20130814-211617.jpg. There was enough for 3 good sized portions and the paella tasted amazing- much better than I anticipated since it came from a tin. £11.95 per tin.

I enjoyed making the Spanish food courtesy of Grey’s Fine Foods. I found the foods tasted great and were easy to cook.
Grey’s also have a selection of hamper gifts catering for all food types which would make an excellent and different gift for Christmas time. I know I would be happy if someone bought me one.
The delivery is free of charge or orders over £50 and standard delivery under £50 is £7.98.

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