Radical Reward Charts

Most parents have heard or seen reward charts which award children for good behaviour. The majority of charts are in star chart/graph format. These don’t always work well as the child rarely reaches their goal and it just ends up being stars on a chart.
Radical Reward Charts are something new. Rather than a graph or plain chart they are more like huge fun posters with lots of cool pictures and animals on them. They are numbered one to twenty and look great hung on walls or doors.

There are six different charts to choose from. Ryan chose Gruesome Graveyards which has bats and owls and spooky things on it.

20130727-191033.jpg. Jordanna chose Orrible Ocean with colourful sealife, fish and sharks.

20130727-191133.jpg. The purpose of the charts is for the child to use the 20 step method to achieve their goal. The goal is obviously set by parent and can be any sort of treat be it sweets or money, a DVD or trip out. I have chosen Β£5 each once they reach 20 and a Β£1 each once they get halfway to 10.
The children will move up a step each time they do something good such as tidy bedrooms, be nice to each other, help mum etc therefore realising that good behaviour gets rewarded. The chart should not be used as punishment and they should never move down the chart for doing things wrong.
The best bit about these charts is that they can be personalised. Not by names being wrote on but their own laminated person (using a photograph of themselves) My children were fascinated by this and watching themselves go up the charts.

These charts will most definitely come in useful throughout the summer holidays.
The charts currently cost Β£14 which includes the personalised figure and can be purchased at Radical Reward Charts


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