Motorway of Life

I often think life can be compared to a motorway. We get on it and keep going forward . It is impossible to turn round and go back.
There are several signs telling us which direction to go in which we either choose to follow or ignore- those who ignore those signs take the wrong direction and wrong path. They then see more signs redirecting them. If they choose to follow the new signs then they will eventually get on the right path. If they don’t then they will become lost and confused.
On the motorway we see people ahead of us. Many will overtake us and we often try to catch them. Many will be behind us and some right by our side for a while. Which is often annoying.
On the other side you will see people going the other way in the complete opposite direction to yourselves. You will never know where these people end up as they just pass you by.
Rarely you may break down and stop for a while but there is always someone you can call to get you going or tow you out of a difficult situation.
Often on the motorway you will change lanes and take a new direction or path that leads to a different place. Sometimes you will find yourself stuck on the same path for a while.
Very rarely you may crash or something very bad may happen and for a while you may be stuck or hurt, but within days or weeks you will recover and be back on the long motorway of life.
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