Tippietoes Tummy Time Island Play Gym

20130412-123412.jpg I was lucky enough to win this in an online competition back in December and so thought I’d give it my review .
I already had a smaller play gym for Izebella but this one was much better and a lot bigger, arrived just before Christmas too; therefore a great addition to her bundle of prezzies.

My first thought was the size of it. It’s huge – approx 70 cm (l) by 60 cm (w).
It looked lovely and so comfy once I’d set it all up , there is a middle yellow cushioned bit where baby lies and an outer blue part which crinkles when baby kicks or touches. There are four toys attached to the corners of the okay gym which all make sounds such as rattle and squeak and a teething ring.
Then there is the gym arch which clips underneath the mat and over . This has a few toys dangling down.

20130412-124333.jpg Izebella certainly has a lot of fun on it and it also means I don’t have to constantly hold her or worry about her falling etc .

20130412-124441.jpg The gym also comes with a large circular cushion which has many uses-such as tummy time, propping baby up and aiding sitting (which we are doing now) the cushion acts as a back support and stops them falling.




PRODUCT INFO (from amazon.co.uk
Tummy Time Island playmat and gym is not only a fun place for baby, it’s designed to help encourage your baby’s development through physical play. 15 fun features will help stimulate your baby and will entertain them. The luxuriously padded play mat offers a soft and comfortable place for baby to lay whilst being entertained by the hanging toys. Reaching for the toys helps develop your baby’s hand eye coordination and gross motor skills, each toy is removable and features individual noises such as rattles, squeakers, crinkle sounds. The flower toy features a baby safe mirror to help promote self awareness. Additional toys around the playmat base encourage your little one to explore, discover and still have fun while laid on their tummy. The removable tummy time cushion can be used on and off the playmat to create longevity. Positioned on their tummy with support allows them to find new adventures and a different way to play, whilst encouraging head lifting and helps strengthen back, shoulder and neck muscles.

The play gym is priced at Β£59.99 and can be found on several websites . In my opinion I think it’s expensive for a play gym and I probably wouldn’t pay that much for one (I simply couldn’t afford it) therefore I feel very lucky to have won this via made for mums.
Overall I would give this play gym a big 9 out of 10 with the only negative being the price.


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