Sweet trees by Browns

ο»Ώ I walk passed the windows of chocolate stores, bakers and wedding shops and glance in awe at the magnificent creations of “Sweet Trees” if you are unfamiliar with this all new and rapid growing… View Post

Morse Toad: send a chocolate message

Last week was a really bad week for me. Izebella was unwell with yet another virus. Coughing non stop all night meaning very little sleep for me. I then still had to get up before… View Post

Chocolate for grown ups at The Grown Up Chocolate Company

I love trying out new things, be it clothes, gifts, toys or food. The majority of things I write about are child based or something my kids end up having or using. Therefore it's always… View Post

Artisan Chocolates for every occasion: Simon Dunn

As it’s Valentines day, I couldn’t think if a more appropriate post than one for chocolate. Not just any chocolate either but fine luxury chocolate. This chocolate came from Simon Dunn if you visit their… View Post

Give some “Hotel Chocolat” this Valentines day

February is the month of valentines and one gift always tops the lot for me on Valentines day. Yes chocolates. For a gal like myself only the finest chocs will do and I absolutely love… View Post

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