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I walk passed the windows of chocolate stores, bakers and wedding shops and glance in awe at the magnificent creations of “Sweet Trees” if you are unfamiliar with this all new and rapid growing trend, then let me explain. Sweet Trees are creations which are designed to look like mini trees but instead of green leaves they are covered in favourite chocolates or sweets. Healthy? Definitely not. Enjoyable – they certainly are. They are very often seen at weddings as luxury table pieces and usually devoured by hungry children or that well known “drunken uncle… dare I say it!. They look very spectacular and most definitely too good to eat. 

One place that creates these stunning edible plants is Sweet Tree by Browns. They even sent me my very own tree to consume as I wished. 

I was over the moon when this arrived. No I’m not getting married and nor am I attending a wedding anytime soon. This lovely tree is all for me. 

The Chocolate trees come in all sorts of designs made with all sorts of delicious treats and in many sizes. I have spotted many of my favourite chocolates on the website including maltesers, Ferrero rocher, minstrels, creme eggs. For those who don’t want or can’t have chocolate then there are many sweets including Haribos, Marshmallows and Love hearts to name just a few. 

The swest trees are great for all occasions be it birthday, anniversary etc. There are even specially made ones to suit the big events like the upcoming ones – Easter and Father’s Day. 

They are totally edible apart from the plastic stem which connects the base to the tree. Apart from that it’s sweet stuff all the way. One of the tree sizes does come with an edible stem and prices obviously vary depending on chosen tree and size. Some of them also accommodate for personalisation messages.

My tree arrived boxed and fully intact. It looked like a little sculpture and I really felt bad pulling it apart to eat it. It was made with malt balls, belgian chocolate and edible button flowers. 

The tree is formed with chocolate malt balls which  are all fused together with rich Belgian chocolate. This part is then joined to the base with a tough plastic stem which keeps it altogether. It’s put together really well. 

Little eyes gasped in awe when they saw this sweet tree. It’s a good job I kept it high up or little hands may have started to wander onto it. The hardest part was eating it. They are created to stay standing and (for the first part) be glared and stared at (they are beautiful to look at) thus meaning they must be strong enough to take a few odd knocks and jilts. The malt balls are designed to stay on and it’s also designed in a way to not melt so easily. This does mean that getting into them to eat is slightly tough but not impossible. I found the best way to share out some of the delicious sweet tree fruits was to use a sharp knife and  slice and share. 

These sweet trees can last a few weeks I read. We haven’t eaten all of ours yet and placed it in the fridge to stay fresh.

These delicious sweet trees start from £16.99 upwards and are delivered by next day courier. Visit Sweet tree by Browns for more information.

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