3 Warning Signs To Look Out For After Cosmetic Surgery

Now more than ever, people seek to enhance their appearance and maintain youthfulness. As a result, cosmetic surgery is increasingly popular, with many procedures delivering exceptional results. However, it is essential to be aware of potential issues and some warning signs that may arise after surgery. Moreover, a 44% rise in complications makes it critical to be armed with ample information. Here are some warning signs to look out for after a cosmetic procedure.

  1. Excessive pain and swelling

You may experience pain and swelling after a cosmetic procedure, often part of the recovery process. However, if this pain or swelling is excessive, you must pay prompt attention as it could indicate an underlying problem. Sometimes, it could manifest as worsening pain that fails to respond to painkillers. Unfortunately, this could be a warning sign of a complication or a wrong procedure. After your cosmetic surgery, the pain should reduce gradually over a period. However, the signs described above must be taken seriously, especially when accompanied by fever or chills. There is also the issue of swelling that fails to subside after a few weeks. If that happens, it could be an infection or blood clot in the incision site. Immediate medical attention is needed here because your condition may worsen rapidly without it. The best thing to do is to promptly consult the surgeon for timely medical intervention. 

  1. Abnormal bruising or discolouration

Another warning sign you should be mindful of is abnormal bruising or discolouration. Bruising is a natural part of the healing process, but if it looks unusually large, progressively tender, and rapidly spreading, you should see the doctor immediately. It could indicate another serious issue like excessive internal bleeding or damage to blood vessels. For example, hyperpigmentation can be a potential complication in microneedling, a popular minimally invasive procedure to improve skin texture and appearance. The darkening of the area occurs due to the pricking of the skin to regenerate collagen and new cells. Few people know that hyperpigmentation after microneedling can be a side effect of this cosmetic procedure. Although not everybody experiences this problem, it is good to know beforehand to make the right decision. However, if you didn’t research it and begin to see discolouration, consult your dermatologist for appropriate treatment options.

  1. Delayed or poor wound healing

Proper wound healing is crucial for any surgery, including cosmetic procedures. It shows that the surgery was successful, and the affected area has responded well to treatment. You may sometimes notice or experience scarring, but that should not be a problem because some creams can minimise their appearance. However, delayed or poor wound healing can be a warning sign of major complications. If your incisions are not healing as expected, you must immediately act, particularly when there is persistent redness, discharge, or an unpleasant odour around the surgical site. The latter may suggest an infection that requires antibiotics. However, your surgeon or the medical team will be the best entity to prescribe the right medication for such a complication.

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