Send a Thank You card instead of an email

Has someone in your life gone out of their way to help you? Perhaps a family member, a friend, neighbour, teacher, work colleague or even someone who has helped you get something you really wanted? Such as those who work in real estate? Perhaps someone helped you to obtain a mortgage or helped you get that dream home! There is even a website for this specific purpose where you can personalise and purchase a hand written note for real estate agents. There can be hundreds of people and reasons to thank someone who’s gone that extra mile to help. It’s how you actually thank that person that really counts.

Cards over email

We can all send emails or even txt messages. We all have instant access via our phones and it takes just seconds to write and send a thank you to someone. It’s hardly much effort and probably won’t be appreciated even half as much as a personalised written card or note would be. Emails are easily lost and deleted and forgotten about, whereas a card can be kept forever.

Think about the purpose of the card

Your card should show gratitude for the recipient’s actions, rather than just putting a basic thank you message. Many cards can be bought, and personalised online such as at websites like Getting Personal; and sent directly to the recipient. For instance you could write something like “thank you for all your help on such a date, I really appreciate everything”

Write a forward-looking statement on the thank you note

If sending to your family or friends, you could also add that you look forward to meeting them or hope to see them soon. The statement could have a casual tone to the Christmas thank-you card, and the recipient could feel like you are enthusiastic about building a relationship with them. They could put some effort into making the relationship work for both of you.

If you are thanking someone who has done a job for you that you don’t know personally, then maybe add that you are happy to spread the word about their business and what a good experience you had. This all adds to the more personal experience of receiving a card.

The bottom line

A personalized printable thank you note could make someone feel appreciated, and you could mention how their help made you feel. A thank-you note could make them open up more as you could tell them that you look forward to hearing from them or meeting them. Or get you a better deal if you are thanking someone for their hard work.

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