Wordi, Wordus or Wordle?


Wordus is a simple to play game for those who are already accustomed to Wordle. It has a similar play format, with the familiar green, orange, and gray tiles. You also have six tries to find the word, like Wordle.

There are a few differences between Wordle and Wordus, though. For example, Wordus has a hint feature to help you get unstuck if you can’t think of anything—something Wordle doesn’t have and most likely won’t add. This makes it less stressful and more fun if you’re just looking for a good time.
Another major difference between Wordle and Wordus is that Wordus has a leaderboard feature, so you can compete for the top spot. You can also add friends and compete against them for the highest score. If you’re good at Wordle and think you can make it up the ranks against other puzzle enthusiasts, give Wordus a try.

Word Guess

Another great Wordle alternative, Word Guess looks eerily similar to Wordle. Almost too similar, some might say, which is why some people question if it’s a direct rip-off of the game. After all, some of the other clones have at least a few differences.
Word Guess has the same format as Wordle, with green, yellow, and gray tiles. It also has the same streak format and offers six tries to find the right word. If you didn’t know better, you might think you’re playing Wordle.

While it seems like a direct Wordle clone, it does have one difference that makes it a great download. That is that there are unlimited words per day, meaning you can play Wordle any time and each time you open the app, you get a new word. If you are a seasoned player and solve crosswords daily and are good at figuring out crossword clues, then you will have an easy time playing Word Guess.
Because of this, Wordle enthusiasts will love Word Guess, even if it’s ripping off their favorite word game.


Wordi is another Wordle clone that also didn’t do much to differentiate itself from Wordle. It looks just like Wordle in dark mode. It also offers five-letter puzzles with six tries and green and yellow tiles.
While Wordi lacks features compared to the other apps, it does have one that makes it worth it. That is that Wordi works offline and also offers unlimited plays daily. Wordi also has themes that can change up the look of the app.
Wordle enthusiasts who want to play Wordle offline will enjoy Wordi for this very reason.

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