9 Causes Of Hair Loss At A Young Age

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Have you recently noticed a significant change in your hair? Particularly if you see changes early in life, hair loss can be very upsetting. It can lead to changes in mood as well as a great deal of dread and uncertainty. It’s crucial to understand the variables that may be causing hair loss, whether they are natural or the result of a deeper problem, so that the right actions may be taken to address the problem, such as looking into a treatment like dutasteride 0.5. We’ll talk about probable reasons for early hair loss in this blog article, which could shed some light on why something like this is occurring at such a young age. Learn more about the causes of excessive shedding compared to normal, including environmental conditions and poor diet, as well as proactive measures you may take to restore healthy hair.

  1. Genetics

Genetics is the primary and most visible cause of hair loss in young individuals. If several members of your family are bald, it is probable that you will be as well. Hair loss caused by heredity might be more difficult to cure since addressing the underlying reason can be more challenging. It is the most prevalent cause of hair loss in males, although it can also occur in women. Stress is another key element that might cause hair loss in today’s environment. Furthermore, it is essential to be aware of the reasons for hair loss from a young age in order to cure it in a timely manner. Furthermore, one can go to a hair transplant clinic to have a professional opinion on the issue.

  1. Nutritional deficiencies

When it comes to early onset hair loss, improper diet might also be to blame. The nutrients new hairs require to develop properly and replace the ones that have fallen out are not provided by a diet that is deficient in the vital vitamins and minerals necessary for healthy hair growth. In particular in the crown region, this may lead to hair thinning. To guarantee healthy hair development, it is advised to consume adequate proteins and good fats, which may be found in fish and nuts. A further factor in hair loss is a deficiency in vital vitamins and minerals such iron, zinc, and vitamin B.

  1. Hormonal imbalances
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The state of our bodies, particularly the quality of our hair, is greatly influenced by hormones. Any age can experience hair loss due to hormonal imbalances, but early in life is when it is most likely to occur. Changes in hormones brought on by puberty or pregnancy are often transient and will be reversed over time. However, other medical illnesses like thyroid problems or polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) can produce hormonal imbalances that linger for a longer period of time and result in hair loss. If you shed excessively, it is advised that you get tested for these disorders. Hormonal imbalances can also be a side effect of some drugs.

  1. Stressful Life Events

Stressful events like a loved one’s passing, losing a job, or being under a lot of pressure at work or school can result in physical responses in the body, including hair loss. This kind of hair loss is often temporary, and if the stress is lessened, the hair should regrow. It is crucial to look after yourself while you are going through a difficult time. Try to control your stress levels with positive behaviors like meditation and exercise.

  1. Alopecia Areata
Alopecia Areata – Causes, Symptoms & Natural Remedies – Traya

On any area of the body, including the scalp, this autoimmune disorder results in bald patches. Alopecia areata, which causes bald patches in otherwise healthy hair, is thought to be caused by the immune system attacking the hair follicles. Frequently curable with injections or topical treatments, the illness usually returns after six months. Many individuals make the error of assuming that stress or some external element is what causes alopecia areata when in reality, it is a medical disease.

  1. Thyroid Disorders

Hormones produced by the thyroid gland control metabolism and a variety of other body processes, including hair growth. Hair loss can happen from an imbalance in your body’s normal rhythm if the gland fails to generate enough of these hormones. Recent years have seen an increase in thyroid issues, which, if identified early enough, may be addressed with medicine. During their menstrual cycle, many women experience hair loss, which can be brought on by changes in hormone levels.

  1. Iron Deficiency
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Iron is necessary for producing healthy red blood cells and, if not present in sufficient amounts, can cause iron deficiency anemia. As they tend to require more iron than usual at these periods, young women who are still menstrual, pregnant, or nursing frequently have hair loss due to iron insufficiency. It is advisable to visit your doctor for a blood test and think about taking an iron supplement if you believe that your hair loss may be caused by a dietary shortage. It would be wise to examine and make sure that your diet is full of foods high in iron because the meals you eat may be deficient in iron.

  1. Lack Of Exercise

This might be contributing to your hair loss if you’ve been leading a sedentary lifestyle and haven’t made the time to exercise. The circulatory system is in charge of giving essential nutrients to the hair follicles, thus your body will suffer if you don’t move around enough. Exercise is crucial for promoting blood flow and maintaining the health of the scalp, which can assist to stop hair loss.

  1. Bad Hair Habits
9 Bad Hair Habits You Need To Break

The frequency with which you straighten, curl, or blow-dry your hair, for example, might be a contributing cause of your hair loss. The roots of the hair might be damaged and become weaker by this kind of intense style. Heat is also known to rob the scalp of moisture, leaving it dry and vulnerable to breakages. Many young people have been known to have hair loss as a result of wearing popular hairstyles like dreadlocks, cornrows, or tight braids. Deciding to style your hair in alternative ways, reducing the number of times you commit these bad hair habits, and turning to a professional hair tattoo clinic to help grow your confidence again are all options you should consider if you want to look and feel your best again. 


In conclusion, your early hair loss may be caused by any of the aforementioned reasons of hair loss in young people. It is crucial to determine which of these variables may be the root of your hair loss and to take the appropriate action to correct it. PRP therapy and low-level laser therapy are two other treatment choices that can help you regain hair growth and lessen any harm brought on by the disease.

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