Choosing the correct flooring for your business

Whether you have an office in your home or a business elsewhere, you will eventually want to furnish and decorate it. One of the first things to consider will be suitable flooring for your business. However choosing what to have on the floor isn’t as simple as it sounds. Everything, from materials to the durability, completely changes what your flooring will be able to endure and how long it’ll last under the pressures of your everyday working life. If you don’t want to spend hours every type of floor on the market, this quick guide to choosing new flooring might help point you in the right direction.

Sunlight? You might not realise it, but direct sunlight can really damage certain types of flooring. Flat carpets are likely to get discoloured, and marble tiles can get extremely hot during summer, which isn’t ideal for a busy work space, especially not one where many people will be walking across the floor. It might be worth choosing something less heat-conductive and light-sensitive, such as an epoxy resin floor coating which is becoming very popular for many industries.

Moisture? Bathrooms aren’t the only place where a floor can get soaked with water: If you have something else in your workspace, that creates damp air, like a washing machine, or dryer or anything that produces steam etc, then it’s best to choose something water-resistant like porcelain or vinyl plank. That way, excess water won’t soak into the material or create damp patches on your floor, and you can easily mop it up or leave it to dry. Also beware of fridges that tend to leak and other kitchen/bathroom devices that could cause water damage to your floor.

Scratches? Damage to your flooring can be both annoying and expensive to fix, especially if it’s a very thick and heavy material. If you’re worried about the damage showing, a thick carpet might be ideal – the thicker it looks, the harder it’ll be to see cuts in the material. Avoiding damage altogether is best done with really durable flooring, usually stone tiles or vinyl replicas of other materials. Consider how many people will be waking on the floor. Does your business involve many customers or several staff?

Budget? You shouldn’t bankrupt yourself over flooring, especially not in a single room. If a certain material isn’t cheap enough to cover the whole room with, try getting some replica tiles made of vinyl to lower the cost, or layer your preferred material and design on top of a cheaper base. Remember that most flooring is priced per square foot, so mixing and matching different materials is definitely possible if you measure out the room properly. However there is the old saying of you get what you pay for. Therefore if you want something that will last for many years to come then perhaps shop around to find a good deal on quality flooring.

Maintenance? Some types of floor need more general maintenance than others, so make sure you factor it into your decision. If you have plenty of spare time to keep it tidy, solid wood can be a beautiful addition to your small home office but this may prove costly if you manage a big office with staff elsewhere. Quality flooring will last a long time if you treat it well and look after it. It’s important to follow manufacturers advice when it comes to cleaning, maintaining and repairing your chosen type of flooring.

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