The 3 Important Things To Have For Doing Meal Prep

Although cooking at home can be something fun and can even be a bonding experience with your family, it can also be a chore to have to cook every day. Doing meal prep once a week is the answer most people have for this. The idea is that you do some bulk cooking once and then have everything portioned to be reheated the rest of the week. 

Doing meal prep can be perfect for those with special diets such as diabetics or even people looking to lose weight and need to eat a restive diet. You don’t have to think about what you’re eating when it is planned and cooked already. In this article, we will go over the must-have things to do for your meal prep. 

1 – A good knife set

Doing a lot of prep can take a while and when you have a bad knife that is always dull it takes even longer. A good knife that is strong, sharp, and balanced will make prepping very easy. The reason is that a good knife is well-balanced and very sharp. Cutting and chopping vegetables is much more manageable when this is the case. 

When you are doing meal prep, you can get quite tired if your knife is struggling to get the job done. Instead, using a knife that you spent a little extra on will help you get through the prep in less time and with less fatigue. 

Make sure to get a set that has a chef knife, paring knife, boning knife, and a good knife sharpener. This way you have the tools for every job you will be faced with when doing meal prep. 

2 – Get organized

Efficiency is the name of the game when it comes to meal prep. You want to be able to get it done without taking too long so you have to economize your steps. Being organized is the only way to make it less of a hassle. 

Plan out your week of meals and try to find areas where things overlap so you can prepare for one item that gets used more than once. Since you need breakfast, lunch and dinner you should find something that can work in more than one meal. For instance, you can cook up some brown rice that works as a side dish on its own to pair alongside a protein and then use some of it to make a stir fry for dinner.

3 – Stock up on take-out boxes

Portioning is very important when doing meal prep. You will need to have everything already portioned out in a container for every meal so all you need to do is grab one and heat it up. This means that you will need a lot of take-out boxes. Make sure that they can be reused to avoid creating too much waste.

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