When And How To Take Your Newborn For A Walk

Ideally, there should be no rush to take your newborn for a walk. You can go out of the house when you feel you’re ready. Some even stay indoors with their newborn baby for at least a month. But, getting out for some fresh air can benefit the parent and the baby, so it also doesn’t hurt to plan an outdoor outing once every so often.

For new parents, it’ll seem like there’s just so much to learn about almost everything. Even a simple thing like going out for a walk with your newborn takes a lot of preparation and decision-making. Things are no longer like the pre-newborn phase where you can get out the door anytime you wish, with nothing else to bring but yourself. If you search well enough for a good pram to secure your baby’s essentials, you’ll get to review the range of pram caddies it comes with, along with other features, to help make those walks and travels more manageable and doable. 

Take the stress off your mind with this, and read for insights on when and how to take your newborn for a walk.

When To Take Your Newborn For A Walk

After bringing home your newborn from the hospital, it’s normal to question when to take your baby for a walk. It can be a quick walk around the park or block for some fresh air, a hike out in nature, or even something as basic as going to the supermarket for errands when no one is left for the baby at home. 

Generally, there’s no rule to follow when to take your newborn for a walk. There’s no prohibition against this for as long as the weather permits. Of course, parental instinct dictates that you shouldn’t take your newborn out when it’s raining or snowing heavily, among other conditions. Likewise, you may also want to avoid crowded places, at least not until your newborn has a few basic vaccinations. Your pediatrician can also give you more insights on this matter. 

If you’re comfortable enough to go about it, it’s fine to take your newborn out. Just be sure to bring all their needs and dress them appropriately for the weather. A more thorough discussion on this matter is discussed below.

How To Take Your Newborn For A Walk

While there are no hard-and-fast rules to follow when walking a newborn, there are tips you can adopt to ensure their safety and well-being, outside and inside your home. Here are a few hows to observe.

  1. Wash Your Hands Before Touching Your Newborn

Once you’re out, remember that every surface you touch is dirty. Make it a conscious effort and habit to wash your hands and sanitize them before touching your newborn. It can take a lot of getting used to, especially when it’s your first time going out with your newborn. 

Because a newborn’s immune system is still developing, it can be prone to infections brought about by bacteria and viruses. Washing your hands before picking them up can help prevent the spread of bacteria.

  1. Protect Your Newborn From The Weather

You should protect your newborn from the heat during summer, such as going to the pediatrician before using any sunscreen. They can prescribe light and gentle sunscreen, perfect for newborns. Also, lift the stroller’s hood, or use a parasol attachment. Be sure not to cover the stroller with a fabric, even if it’s thin like a muslin cloth, as it restricts the airflow when the climate is hot and can immediately make temperatures rise inside the cot. It can be dangerous to a newborn baby, as it could lead to overheating. 

When the weather is cold, think about keeping them warm. Many newborn strollers come with a winter blanket and cot covering, so you can use the same if the weather is cold. Keep their ears and head covered, and dress them warm enough for the outside temperature.

  1. Prepare A Newborn Carrier, Too

While a pram or stroller is often the most common way to walk around with a newborn, a carrier works just as well. If you don’t need the pram, using a baby carrier often works best for you and your baby. They’ll be asleep most of the time anyway, and babies love it when huddled close to your chest.  

The Bottomline

So, are you now feeling more confident and ready to take your baby out on a walk? Babies need fresh air, and so can you for your mental health. You don’t have to feel like you need to trap yourself inside your home. Go out, if you must, but at least to open-air spaces. Most importantly, don’t hesitate to ask your pediatrician if you need advice and clarification about taking your newborn for a walk. Thus, walks with your newborn should be fun and relaxing for your family, not one that’ll stress you out or cause danger to the baby’s health.

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