Tips on How to Buy Crypto

The market of digital assets offers a variety of crypto coins and tokens to invest in. Picking a promising crypto asset for investment is not an easy task. Many novice investors are guided by hype and pick popular coins just to the news background. In reality, when choosing an investment option, we should be guided by actual facts about an asset. For that purpose, we should analyze it through the following aspects:

Supply of coins

Price chart

Listing on popular exchanges

Developers’ reputation.

Crypto projects vary by purpose – some are crypto exchanges, others blockchain games, metaverses, decentralized platforms, etc. We would like to offer one promising crypto asset for investment – the WBT token. It was released by a largecryptocurrency exchange – WhiteBIT, and its value has significantly grown since its release. The WBT to USDT pair is traded at $5.32. This November, the value exceeded $14; however, when the entire market dropped, the WBT pricefollowed the overall trend.

Large crypto platforms like WhiteBIT release their native crypto assets to expand the service for clients and to attract more people to a platform. The WBT token allows holders to access additional products deployed on the WhiteBIT platform and commissionable trades for some crypto pairs. The token is traded on WhiteBIT and Huobi exchanges, but the listing is also planned on other platforms shortly. 

As the WhiteBIT platform expands, getting more clients (already over 2 million), the token is supposed to grow in value over time, so it is a good investment option for those who wish to purchase crypto on the market drop.

Tips on Buying Crypto

The easiest way to buy the WBT token is via its native exchange. WhiteBIT offers many pairs with the token, such asWBT USDT and many others, so if you are a registered user and already have some crypto in your WhiteBIT wallet, you can easily buy WBT. If you are a beginner investor looking for a way to buy crypto with fiat money, you can also do it on WhiteBIT. For that purpose, register an account, pass verification, add your bank card and deposit your account with fiat currency. Then convert your money to WBT tokens using a calculator. For more details, check out the WhiteBIT blog.

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