Halloween home ideas

I love Halloween, it’s on par with how much I love Christmas. Every year around the beginning of October, I buy new props and decorations. My kids always have a new scary outfit each year too. Many shops are now selling lots of Halloween products, along with online stores too. For small Halloween and all year round gifts, I’d like to give a big mention to gift delivery UK. If looking for gifts please check out their website.

Here are some of my spooky purchases this year.

Headless Corpse

This guy stands at a whopping 110cms tall, so bigger than a small child. He’s really cool with light up eyes and spooky sounds, but the best bit is that he takes off his head and puts it back on. This is from Amazon and only cost £18.99.

Halloween Tree

These are still a fairly new concept here in the UK, and it’s my first time owning a Halloween tree. This one is also from Amazon and costs £16.99. It comes with all the decorations as seen and the tree height is 60cms. This tree would be good for younger kids who may get scared by the larger animatronics.

Crawling Zombie

This is certainly one for horror lovers like myself. As you can see it’s pretty gruesome from its ugly face to its skeletal hands. His eyes glow and he makes the most awful shrieking sounds. Buy from Amazon for £19.99.


They are called Groundbreakers because they look like they have come from underneath the ground, breaking it on the way up. These can be placed inside or outdoors to frighten those who walk past. It has glowing eyes and this one represents a skeleton groom. They come in many other designs too. Amazon £12.99.

The Butler

I actually bought this dude last Halloween from Wilkos. He will shortly be making a reappearance to serve up some nasty treats. We love him, he’s spooky but with a strange edge of cuteness to him. He cost me £40 and well worth it in my opinion.

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