Want To Increase The Value Of Your Home? Here’s How

When you buy a home you are making a huge investment that could one day turn into a huge profit. In order to get this huge profit, you will need to make slight home improvements. If you fail to improve your home while you are living there then you run the risk of your home losing value. There are plenty of things you can do to your home and some may even benefit you while you are still there. If you do these over the course of your time there, it will save you the need to do them all at once when you decide to move. 

Remember, only undertake these tasks and jobs if you feel up to it and your DIY skills stretch that far. If not, it may be better to ask the local contractors to help you out with certain jobs. Take a look below to find out some amazing ideas on how to improve your home. 


Working out your budget and how much you have to spend on your home improvements will be the key to knowing which ones you can do at any set time. Some renovations will be cheaper than others such as sorting the garden and painting the walls. Compared to a complete kitchen overhaul which can cost considerably more. This is again why it is much better to do improvements as and when you can. There is also the option of taking out a loan for the bigger renovations. This may work out better in the long run as it has been done and you can pay it back little by little. It is finding what works best for you and your family when it comes to spending. 

Loft Conversion

One of the first renovations to consider could be a loft conversion. If your family has expanded and you need more space, this could be the way to do it. Loft conversions are much cheaper compared to moving to a bigger place. However, you do need to check that your home is suitable to carry out a conversion. Some homes aren’t big enough in the roof and don’t have the right level of support. You can ask a surveyor or building inspector to come and check it over to be sure. Generally, a loft conversion will cost you between £20,000 and £40,000. However, the good news is a loft conversion will add around 20% to your asking price when you come to sell your property. 

Basement Expansion

If you can’t go up, how about you see about going down? A loft conversion might be out of the equation but that doesn’t mean a basement or cellar conversion isn’t possible. Be aware that a basement conversion could cost you more than a loft conversion. This is due to how basements are set up. Your basement may need excavating and the floor might need to be lowered. As a guide price, you are looking at around £1000 to £1,400 per square meter. It is far more common for people to carry out loft conversions when they see the prices but if you have funds available then why not make your home larger? 

Kitchen Remodel

If your kitchen isn’t fit for your use then you can of course change it up a bit. Your sides and appliances may be in the wrong place so changing this will make it more convenient for you. However, when you think about changing your kitchen, think long-term if other people will like it as well. When you come to sell your home, the main room people are interested in is the kitchen. This is because the kitchen is considered the heart of the home. Many people entertain guests in the kitchen and spend a lot of time cooking family meals there. Something common these days, if your kitchen is big enough, is an island in the centre. This can house many storage nooks and also potentially the microwave or oven. 

Bathroom Overhaul

Bathrooms can be tricky places to make over as there aren’t many options about what to have and not have. If you purchased an older house then your bathroom suite may leave much to be desired in terms of colour. Old suites used to be brown, pink, and green, not very friendly on the eye. If you want to update your bathroom and bring it into the modern world. There are some beautiful white bathroom arrangements. You also have to work out what you would like in your bathroom. If you prefer a shower but currently have a bath then you will want to change this. If you have room then you could have both a bathroom and a shower. Think about the flooring you have in your bathroom as well, this will make a great difference to how it looks. Floor tiles are the best option when it comes to bathroom flooring, especially non-slip ones. 

Curb Appeal

As well as focusing on the interior of your home, you must take it outside as well. Your garden may be the first thing people see when they turn up at your property, it can give them a huge impression of how the interior looks. A garden should be neat and tidy, with the grass mown and the weeds are taken care of. If you don’t have the time to focus on your garden then it may be helpful to take on a landscape gardener to do it for you. They will be experts in the garden field and know exactly what to do to make your garden look amazing. 

Open Plan

Finally, people love open-plan living arrangements. As well as a great kitchen, this is what people will be looking for when they buy a new house. If you have an open-plan living design then you will be able to see straight through your kitchen and living room. You will need to get a structural engineer to make sure it is safe to take the beams and walls out of your rooms. Make sure you check out reviews before you find someone. The last you want is a botched job within your home. 

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