4 Quirky Ideas To Create A Feature Wall In Your Living Room


A feature wall can help add a personal touch to your house, elaborating your style and personality. It could be as simple as adding a splash of colors to the living room wall or adding detailed texture. Creating a feature wall (also known as an accent wall) is about getting creative and turning your imagination into reality. 


Even so, proper planning is crucial to ensure that your accent wall helps improve the architecture of your room. It is especially important if you are planning to give your living room a makeover. Considering the same, below are some quirky ideas you can try. 

● DIY An Exposed Brick Look

A brick look on the walls provides a contemporary look to the room, which is also aesthetically pleasing. You can DIY this simple yet attractive design using stick and peel wallpapers or brick slips. It is ideal if you live in apartments or have a rented place. Or, you can remove the old plaster to reveal the bricks underneath. To make this brick look stand out, you can paint it with the colors of your choice or add wall accessories such as a wall clock, photo frames, or stickers. 


● Create An Achievement Wall

A family that celebrates together stays together. Considering this ideology, you can create an achievement wall to display all the accomplishments, be it something as big as winning a medal or as minimal as graduating from high school. To create an achievement wall, you need to collect all the trophies, medals, certificates, and diplomas. Hang the medals and diplomas and use wall shelves to display trophies. You can also use diploma holders to keep your certificates damage-free. 


● Go Minimalistic With Color Blocking

Another simple yet aesthetically pleasing idea to create an accent is painting the wall in color-blocking patterns. It is quite a fun idea to work with, as you have the freedom to put your imagination to work. You can try different color mixes, creating unique patterns and designs for color blocking. Likewise, you can paint the whole wall using a color block technique or just a certain section and leave the rest in a neutral color. 


● Try A β€œLiving” Living Wall

The idea of creating a β€œLiving” living wall is inspired by indoor gardening. It might sound a bit complex; however, it is one of the easiest concepts to try to improve the interior decor of your place. For this, you need to add indoor plants to the living room. You can use floating wall shelves to keep the planters. Or, you can use a vintage bookshelf and decorate it with different plants and flowers. It will help bring positivity to the atmosphere and sure help grab the attention of your guests. Nevertheless, make sure to take care of the plants to help your wall look good. 


Final Takeaway

These are some quirky ideas to add an astonishing element to your place. Make sure to create a proper plan and get the right and necessary supplies before you begin the wall makeover. If it seems necessary, seek assistance from professionals to ensure your ideas go well with the architecture and interior of your living room.

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