How To Balance Parenting With Church Leadership

Being a church leader entails a humongous responsibility as you educate people, foster faith, and make disciples. Filling the role of a parent while handling this challenging job can stress you out. You may run short of time for your clan and yourself while devoting most of it to the ministry. But it is absolutely possible to maintain an equilibrium in both roles, provided you are committed to giving your best in everything you do. Successful leaders do it, and you can look up to them for inspiration. Here are some expert-recommended tips to balance parenting with church leadership.

Think quality instead of balance

Balancing your roles as a church leader and parent need not be about allocating equal time to both. It is more about the quality of time you give to your family and ministry. Steer clear of perfectionism because nobody can have a perfectly balanced life. Even a professional working in a 9 to 5 job will lack somewhere. Be realistic and make the most out of your time when you are at home or in the church. 

Be fully present

Another way to maintain equilibrium is to be fully present wherever you are. You may find yourself present physically but absent mentally on several occasions. Being at home but thinking about your work or vice versa does injustice to both roles. Devote yourself to the present moment and the people you are with. Consider putting down the phone and training your mind to engage in conversation or activities wherever you are.

Upgrade your skills

Upgrading your skills as a church leader and a parent enables you to be good at both. You can enroll in formal education with discipleship training to learn the skill of connecting with people and convincing them to embrace the faith. With parenting, there is no formal training as you imbibe the skills as learn the ropes. Trusting your instincts is often enough to foster a strong and healthy bond with your kids. 

Integrate family and ministry

Successful leaders emphasize the significance of integrating family and ministry. Bringing your family to serve the church is a good way to involve them in your work and spend time with them. It enables your spouse and kids to see and experience the mission of the church. They develop respect and understanding for your work and support you throughout the way. Remember to express gratitude for their contribution to your goals. 

Plan a family calendar

As a devoted church leader, it is easy to forget the important events in the family. But missing out on birthdays, anniversaries, school schedules, vacations, and family activities can affect your bonding with your loved ones in the long run. The easiest way to put your family first is by planning an annual calendar with them. It helps you stay ahead of the key dates and schedule your work to avoid conflict.

Managing home and church together is easier than you imagine, provided you are willing to give your best. Follow these tips to win in both roles. 

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