Winning A Child Custody Case Over A Narcissistic Parent

Going through a divorce can be very stressful, and it can get even trickier when you are trying to get your child custody from a narcissistic spouse. The process can become exhausting, full of headaches, drawn-out, and tedious. 


However, if you live in Montgomery, it can be easy to win your child custody case if you know what to do. Let’s find out how.


● Understand What Winning Means

As a  parent, you need to know what it will it mean to your child if you win the case against your narcissist spouse. You have first to ensure that you are looking for your child’s best interest. And unless in cases where abuse is evident, a peaceful relationship with both parents might be the best. 


Your thought should be getting your children to live the best life while safely maintaining a relationship with both parents. For instance, in Montgomery County, PA child support lawyers would help you develop a fair and evidence-based legal counsel to protect your right and ensure your children’s care is the priority.


For example, since co-parenting becomes impossible, it might be best that you get to be the parent that makes major decisions regarding your children, such as where they go to school. 

● Get an experienced lawyer

Fighting a child custody battle can be overwhelming, especially with a narcissist. In addition, there is a possibility of facing emotional manipulations, personal attacks, lies, and a person who might appear friendly to others but terrible to those under their power. 


This is why you need an experienced family law attorney in Montgomery that would help speak for you since they are knowledgeable about such cases. Moreover, they will tell you what to do to ensure that the case sways in your favor.

● Document Important information

You should start documentation of important information immediately after separation begins. Note cases of suspicious behavior or abuse; ensure details are included. 


You shouldn’t worry about excessive notes. It is better to give more information. Ensure that your pieces of evidence show dates and times. 

● Always be calm

Before the custody hearing begins, you should avoid arguments with the narcissist parent. Ensure that you are not pulled into their story so you don’t become emotional and make mistakes. So, you should stay calm and avoid replying negatively to negativity. 


Your communications with the narcissist spouse should be calm, polite, clean, courteous, and straightforward. Your focus should be on your children and their needs. 


This ensures that they do not have anything that can be used against you in court. If you cannot amicably reach an agreement, then your lawyer should settle it for you.

● Your children should be uninvolved in the conflict

To win a child custody case over a narcissistic parent, you should not let your children deal with or communicate with the narcissist. They shouldn’t be made part of the conflict. 


Don’t forget you are trying to stand on a higher moral ground. You should not engage in any inflammatory communication. 



Winning a child custody battle in Montgomery with a narcissist boils down to showing that you are the better parent. In addition, the judge needs to see that you are fit economically, physically, and mentally to take care of your children. 


Finally, remain professional even when your narcissist spouse tries to put you down while going through the process. 


Let your lawyer’s advice guide you. Also, respect the integrity and authority of the court. And lastly, ensure that you put your child’s well-being at the center on all occasions since some judges use this as a year’s stick in deciding who is fit to take custody of the children.

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