Gifts You Should Give To Wine Lovers

For some people, wine is more than just an alcoholic beverage. It is a hobby. Each bottle has a story, a flavour, and something to share with those around you. Wine lovers live in a completely separate world, one that can be difficult to understand from the outside. This can make it difficult to buy them gifts; however, you want to buy them something you know that they will love. 

Buying gifts for wine lovers is easier than you think, though. This article will give you a few ideas, so read on to find out what gifts you should be giving the wine lover in your life.


Yes. Wine lovers are going to appreciate a bottle of wine as a gift. However, it is all about what type of wine you buy. Your local supermarket will house shelves of different wines, but this is not where you should be looking for a wine that you want to give as a gift. Instead, you should be looking in an independent wine shop.

Wine shop staff will have a wealth of wine knowledge, so you can sit back and let them guide you. Every place is different, but you will find that Helmsley Wines is one of the best wine shops in York. They are a provider of both York beer and wine, so feel free to visit this wine shop in York and online to ask about your gift-giving needs.

Portable Wine Glasses

A wine lover is never going to turn down the chance to sample wine when the opportunity arises. Unfortunately, you aren’t always going to be prepared for such an occurrence. Wine should never be drunk out of the bottle, and the curved shape of a wine glass is the only vessel suitable to get the most out of the beverage.

Therefore, your wine-loving friends may appreciate a portable wine glass. These are smaller than your average wine glass, but they are the perfect shape to sample wines when you are out and about.

Designer Decanter

A wine decanter is a glass container that is used to hold and serve wine separate from its original bottle. Most people use these to distribute wine during a party at home; however, many wine lovers also like to use these devices as a way to store and aerate their favourite wines.

These wine decanters are not hard to come by. They can be found online or in any homeware store. However, a designer decanter is something special, and giving one as a gift will show that you really care about their wine tasting needs. Therefore, you may want to shop around for a personalised or designed wine decanter when you are in the market for a wine lover’s gift.


Shopping for wine lovers is not as hard as you may think if you know exactly where to look. There is plenty of variety out there for when you are stuck, so you can choose gifts for the casual acquaintance in your life or get something truly special for your significant other.


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