Family Kitchen Ideas to Create a Space of Relaxation

Whatever the size, a family kitchen is just what you need for gatherings. Let’s see some of the important stuff to keep in mind when creating a traditional family kitchen. 

A kitchen is much more than just a place where you cook. It’s the room in which you gather with your friends, your family, a true heart of a home. It’s the multifunctional space in which you can relax, entertain, cook, and work, all while keeping an eye on the baby. A kitchen space must meet all family members’ requirements, like designing a space for lunch, breakfast, a dining area, and the occasional weekend coffee. 

Here’s some piece of advice on developing the perfect traditional family kitchen space

Your Most Burning Question 

The cost of a family kitchen – it depends on its size, of course, the materials and appliances that you’ve chosen, as well as how much you pay for plumbing and installation. A new kitchen makeover might cost between 3% or 5% of the total value of your home. But it will add a lot more value at the end. This is common for people who moved recently to a new home and did not have an open space kitchen before. Prices for good quality kitchen units may vary – they might cost from £100 up to £3,000, depending on the size of the kitchen. If you’re thinking about an open plan kitchen, then you’re likely to include more kitchen units than you expect. It means that the cost of refurbishing and decorating the room will be slightly bigger. 

How Big the Kitchen Should Be? 

In order to create a family kitchen, you must have enough space to implement all your ideas. There’s no point in stuffing too much into a smaller room. It must be large enough; if possible, remove some walls and create an open-floor plan or a dining area. If you have a garden, make sure you consider an opening to it. These projects don’t always require planning permission, and they can be completed under expansion rights. Eventually, you may be able to create an open space kitchen by removing just one wall that’s separating the kitchen from the dining area. 

Designing a Modern Family Kitchen

If you’ve drooled at those modern kitchens you’ve seen a television, or in interior design magazines, but you have a big family and your kitchen is going to be frequented by everyone, here’s what you need to do – opt for surfaces that are easily cleanable and won’t get stained if spilt on. That goes for worktops, cupboard doors, and splashbacks. After all, who wants to see drip marks on new and expensive wooden furniture?

Also, if you have children, you might consider rounding the corners of the kitchen furniture. It’s safer and more stylish. Plus, kids will be risk-free of injuries. Finally, kitchen flooring. Well, it should be practical, of course, and slip-resistant. Again, it reduces the chances of injuries to children. Ceramic and stone tiles are great options, but if you prefer something more cushioned, look for vinyl flooring. It can beautifully mimic wood and stone. 

Creating a Kitchen Island

it’s the ideal solution, as it provides a natural space between the living and dining areas, as well as creates a more relaxed atmosphere. It can be used for breakfast and lunches, as well as an area to relax or have conversations with friends. It’s best to have island seating on one side and bar chairs on the other. Or, maybe a sink and dishwasher can be implemented in it. The kitchen island is made of a simple, and nice frame which is built around the stock cabinets, but the good news can be sized to fit any cabinets. A kitchen remodel should cost somewhere between $250 and $4,000. Building anything larger or more expensive than that can be daunting.  

Include a Sound System in Your Family Kitchen

It’s a very popular trend, and it seems to persist – the smart home automation includes now an audio system. It’s especially useful when gathering with friends and playing some music, or having a party. You can also listen to music when cooking, the children can have fun whilst they eat their breakfast, or you can easily play some music in the background to entertain yourself. 

Colors – Go Bold!

Be bold in your color choices! The Mid-century vibe is bringing such retro air to your kitchen. The yellow, orange and pink just make the space feel fresh and warm. Keep the walls and flooring white, so you don’t overwhelm the space. Bold colors in the kitchen show personality and creativity. The kitchen is the ideal place where you can do stylistic experiments. Be a bit more daring and stick to accents for seating or counter décor. Enhance your new kitchen with multiple lighting sources, like ambient lights under cabinets. Get tickled pink, bursting with yellow, cozy up to turquoise, or add sophistication with charcoal. All of these colors are trendy and highly sophisticated. If you need advice, just ask a professional about interior design.

Modern kitchens have greatly evolved in the past decade, turning into multifunctional spaces where anything can happen. So, it makes sense to turn your kitchen into the best space in your home. Thankfully, the above ways to update your kitchen turn out to be the most useful. Are you tired to queue in the line at the coffee shop? Why not design your own caffe in your kitchen and prepare delicious coffee for you and your loved ones? 

Yes, it’s a great way to enhance your kitchen, but just make sure you’re not making a hole in your pocket. Planning a family-friendly kitchen that vastly enlarges the living room? Beautifully and functional family kitchen ideas provide a lot of versatility for how we’re used to living nowadays. It’s really useful to be able to provide homework tips while preparing dinner. Make more room for family life with these distinctive design ideas that blend function and flexibility.

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