Tips to Keep Your Wardrobe Smelling Good

Clothes stored in a musty-smelling wardrobe would still smell odd no matter what kind of detergent or fabric freshener you use. Imagine dressing up for work or a date night only to discover that all your clothes carry a terrible odour. There are reasons why your closet or wardrobe smells that way. To avoid this kind of situation, we came up with a list that can help you keep your wardrobe smelling fresh and clean. 

The following are some easy tricks that can make your wardrobe smell good all the time. Try them for yourself.

Know where the musty smell comes from

Locating the source of the foul odour makes it easier to solve the issue. What’s usually causing this kind of problem is mildew or mould. But, it could also be due to pest drippings, sweaty shoes, dirty clothes, and dust.

Fitted wardrobe designs like those at My Fitted Bedrooms are well ventilated, making everything inside it fresh and odour-free. Usually, mould appears in areas where moisture is present. So, if your wardrobe lacks ventilation, it will trap moisture and become infested with mould.

Leaks in the ceiling or walls are also a common cause of mould. Consider placing a dehumidifier inside your room to eliminate excess moisture. It’s a secret that keeps everything inside smelling good, even those clothes you rarely take out.

Remove mildew and mould

After locating where the source of the musty smell is, start removing them. Take note that the colour of mildew is either grey or white. Meanwhile, mould could be blue, green, or black.

Mix equal portions of bleach and hot water into a spray bottle to address these problems. Afterwards, spray them on the mould or mildew-infested areas. Once again, mould and mildew are there because your wardrobe traps moisture. So, make sure to fix this issue first as it will keep reappearing.

Clean your wardrobe regularly

Cleaning your wardrobe regularly can keep it smelling fresh. So, set a schedule for cleaning and organising your wardrobe. Make sure to remove everything in it, take out a vacuum, and start cleaning the wardrobe floors. As mentioned earlier, dust and dirt could also cause a musty smell.

Dry and clean items before storing

Don’t store clothes you already wore inside the wardrobe. Wash them first with the detergent you regularly use to remove sweat and any odours. Also, make sure they’re dry before storing them inside the wardrobe. Clothes that are still damp can cause a musty smell. 

Place a container of coffee grounds

If you love drinking coffee, here’s a trick you might want to use. Place a container of coffee grounds inside your wardrobe as it can absorb odours just like charcoal does. Replace the coffee grounds every month to make sure it works effectively.

Use essential oils

Another way to keep your wardrobe smelling good is to use essential oils for your clothes when drying them. The pleasant and energising smell of your favourite essential oil will make you excited to open your wardrobe the moment you wake up.


Overall, eliminating the source of the musty smell inside your wardrobe is the most important step so it will smell good. Rushing to the next step could only worsen the smell as any fragrance would only combine with the odour inside your wardrobe.

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