Addiction Rehab in California – How to Enroll in One?

It is possible that the start of your recovery journey may be a frightening and horrifying event, but it is a necessary one. Perhaps you are having thoughts and fears about where to get medical attention, what to expect financially, and how you will get there are racing through your brain. The first step of a recovery journey is admitting you have a severe problem that affects your life and the lives of your loved ones.

Therefore, deciding to enroll in rehab is a smart option. but where to start? Below is a clear explanation of how the admittance process works can assist to reduce any anxieties or uncertainties you may be experiencing and get you started on the path to recovery as soon as possible after you apply. You should check out this link

Make the first phone call

There are staff members at most treatment facilities who are ready and glad to answer your phone call. You will be connected with an admissions person when you contact the number for a drug abuse treatment center. The admissions representative will conduct a pre-admission exam and guide you through the process of enrolling in treatment for your substance misuse issue. 

During this confidential phone chat, during which you will stay anonymous, your basic personal information, such as your name, birthday, address, and place of employment, will often be sought. Your substance abuse history will also be discussed in detail throughout the interview, such as what your primary drug of abuse was, how long you have been addicted to that drug, and how your substance abuse got started. 

It is possible that you may be asked questions about your mental health history if you have any co-occurring diseases, and whether you are experiencing any financial or interpersonal difficulties as part of the interview process.

Learn about the cost of therapy

Rehab is not the cheapest option out there, but if you really want to make a change, you should strive to make it happen one way or the other. Because of the high cost of a typical 30-day rehab stay (which may reach the thousands of dollars), the cost of rehabilitation can be a key factor in a person’s decision whether to seek treatment. Most inpatient rehabilitation clinics accept insurance, and more people than ever before have health insurance that covers addiction treatment and recovery.

It is the responsibility of your admissions representative to help you in evaluating whether services are fully covered and how much you may be liable for any out-of-pocket charges that may arise. A handful of treatment facilities also accept Medicaid, which is a federal and state-funded insurance program that provides low-income people with free or low-cost health coverage. 

The Medicaid program, despite the fact that many persons suffering from drug and alcohol addiction are not aware that they qualify, covers low-income people like pregnant women, individuals with families, senior citizens, and those who are physically or mentally impaired. Find out more here

Consider location as an option

You should also consider where you want to go to rehab. Others, on the other hand, may need to go to another city, state, or country to locate a treatment center that is a suitable match for their individual requirements.

It is likely that you will feel more at ease in an out-of-state school than in your home state. When persons are treated outside of their home state, they can have more privacy and make it easier for them to remove themselves from harmful relationships and conditions that could lead to relapse. Prior to actually making a final decision, take a moment to consider your financial position. For those who are unable to afford the high cost of long-distance therapy, a local rehabilitation clinic may be a more cost-effective choice.

You should begin the intake procedure

Following your acceptance of treatment and arrival at the facility, you will be subjected to a thorough intake examination. In most cases, the procedure will include many lengthy medical and mental health exams, which will be utilized by your care team to design a personalized treatment plan and get you started on the path to recovery. It is understandable that entering rehab may be a tough and terrifying experience but being ready for what to expect can make the transition much easier and more successful. 

If everything is done correctly, the process of entering rehab should be basic and simple to complete. When at all possible, it is desirable to avoid delays at all costs. According to universal consensus, a person’s likelihood of adhering to his or her treatment plan decreases as time passes between the initial phone contact, the screening, and the time of admission to the facility.

Once you inform your treatment providers with significant information about their substance misuse problem, as well as your insurance and financial information, you can then select the most appropriate facility for your requirements from among those available. Patients then begin to make travel arrangements to begin their journey toward healing. They select their mode of transportation, as well as the individuals who will pick them up and drop them off at their final location.

Patients may already have finished off any loose ends, such as informing their bosses of their rehabilitation goals, at this point in their recovery. Patients can take care of their financial commitments and arrange child and pet care prior to beginning therapy, which will help to decrease stress.


As soon as you step inside Monarch Shores Addiction Rehab or any other rehab for that matter, if you are determined, you will see how much of a difference it can make in your life. You no longer have to struggle with your mental health and use substances to feel good about yourself. You can learn to combat your addictive behavior and eventually never let it bother you again. 

It just takes one step to begin and all else will fall into place.

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