Tools and Techniques Used in Pain Management Clinic in Valdosta

Healthcare has come quite a long way in this fantastic Georgia city since its pre-penicillin days in the 1920s. With a 2020 population of 56,544, Valdosta ensures all its residents have access to top-quality medical care.

Suppose you are considering physical therapy as an option for healing. You have made a wise decision. Valdosta pain management is an effective way to treat various injuries and conditions.

Chronic pain is one of the most common reasons people seek medical attention. Studies suggest that more than 100 million Americans suffer from chronic pain. If you are one of those people, you know how debilitating it can be.

Thankfully, the treatment options available are plentiful, including medication and surgery. But for some people, medication and surgery are not enough. That’s where pain management clinics come in. This blog post will discuss the different tools and techniques used in a pain management clinic.

1. Physical Therapy

The student population of Valdosta, GA, is skewed towards women, with 3,748 male students and 7,522 female students. Students often engage in sports and other activities that can lead to injuries. 

Physical therapy is one of the most common tools used to treat sports injuries in a pain management clinic. Physical therapy can help improve movement and function, reduce pain, and strengthen muscles.

There are many different types of physical therapy, including aquatic therapy, massage, and spinal manipulation.

Aquatic therapy is a form of physical exercise conducted in a pool. It is often recommended for people who have joint pain or arthritis. A massage is a form of therapy that uses pressure and strokes to massage the muscles and tissues. It is often used to relieve tension, stress, and pain.

Spinal manipulation is a physical therapy that uses manual techniques to adjust the spine and often treats neck and back pain.

2. Injections

Injections are another standard tool used in pain management clinics in Valdosta. There are many different types of injections, including nerve blocks, joint injections, and spinal injections.

Nerve blocks are a type of injection used to block the nerve signals that cause pain, while joint injections contain a corticosteroid and a local anesthetic. It drastically reduces inflammation and pain in the joint. Spinal injections can treat chronic back pain.

Epidural injections are best for neck and back pain. Radiofrequency ablation is a method of treating chronic pain by destroying the nerves that cause the pain.

Injections are often recommended for city residents who have not responded to other treatments. Typically, they cost around $100 to $100 in Valdosta, depending on whether or not a patient has insurance. Since approximately eighty-three percent of people in the city have insurance coverage, pain injections are affordable.

3. Telemedicine

Georgia Telemedicine Act enables clinics in Valdosta to use telecommunications technology to provide clinical health care from a distance.

Telemedicine can be a vital resource for providing healthcare to patients in rural or remote areas in Georgia, such as Canton, Hogansville, or Elberton, during emergencies. In addition, in pain management, telemedicine can provide follow-up care to patients who have been discharged from the clinic.

It can also provide education and support to patients and their families.

For example, a patient discharged from the clinic may be given a telemedicine follow-up appointment.

With remote patient monitoring, doctors can check the patients’ vital signs, such as heart rate, blood pressure, and oxygen levels.

Final Thoughts

If you are struggling with chronic pain, don’t suffer any longer. Instead, contact a Valdosta pain management clinic and get the help you need. These clinics use various tools and techniques to help their patients find relie

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