3 Tips for Parents Raising Twins

It’s a huge step in your life when you find out that you are pregnant, but it can be a lot to handle when the doctor informs you it is twins. In addition, it can be a lot to process that you have two babies on the way, and you think about the years to come as well. Luckily there have been parents before you that have it down pact. Below you will find the top tips for raising twins.

Birthday Party Fun


Birthdays are a special time in any kid’s life, and having the perfect party is key to having twins. Parents often time theme the twin’s party since it’s together. Get a king and queen chair rental and throw your twins the perfect medieval party where they can be king or queen for the day. Be sure to ask your twins if they want separate cakes or one together so they can be individual on their special day. Birthdays are the perfect opportunity to find themes that work for both twins so they can have fun while having the theme of their choice. Letting them pick their theme while complimenting the other twin will give them a sense of individuality in a world where they are a twin.

Home by the Double


When it comes to having twins, you may be seeing double. One of the important things to think about is your home and where they will eat, sleep, and play. One way to give your twins some individuality is with a bathroom remodel. Instead of one sink, make it two. Give each twin their own counter space and mirror to feel like they have their own space. Try searching for bathroom remodeling in Tampa or your area to find a great contractor who can get the job done. Once the bathroom is finished, you can then theme it. There are many fabulous twin-themed bathrooms online like Jack and Jill or Mickey and Minnie. Next, think of the bedroom. While it may be easy to buy bunk beds, it may be better to opt for individual beds, so they don’t think their room is just another thing that has to be shared so closely. Having these separate beds allows them to decorate their space with pictures, posters, and whichever bedspread they choose.

Perfect Routine


One of the most common things that parents of twins have said has helped them tremendously is having a routine. One child can be a handful, so two is a disaster without the proper schedule. When you have a schedule in place, it gives your twins structure and sets expectations. Sit down and make a routine that works for your family. Whether you are a stay-at-home parent or a parent who works away from home, the twins must know when it’s okay to play and when it’s time to eat. This not only helps during childhood years but as they get older. As the twins get older, you will have many different schedules to juggle with school, work, and after-school activities. As they get older, having the schedule in place helps their behavior and sets the right example of expectations for them to follow.

Double Bundle

When you find out that you are carrying twins, it can be an emotional rollercoaster from happiness to worry, but the good news is that there are ways to prepare. Having the right tools and gear for your twins as infants will carry over into childhood, and everything will be bought by the double. However, there are ways that you can let your twins be individuals and still enjoy their time together.

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