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Cannabis and parenting have been a source of contention for decades. This is born out of a stigma associated with drug use that implies that parents can’t get high and be responsible guardians at the same time. Since more states around the U.S. are legalizing recreational marijuana use, more parents are becoming comfortable with medical cannabis that’s high in CBD.

It’s like having a glass of wine at the end of the day but without the hangover the following day.

There is a lot of curiosity about cannabis – and people want to find out more. Although parents are lighting up or chowing down or dabbing or vaping or any number of other means of consumption, anxiety remains about being high around children. It makes some parents more patient, less anxious, much more playful with their children and more attentive.  

You can safely consume cannabis even with your kids in the house. You can see how it can help you be a better parent, why it does not make you a terrible parent, and where the stigma comes from.

Why Is There Such A Stigma Around It?

For a long time, the thought of mentioning ‘parenting’ and ‘cannabis’ in the same sentence was taboo, if not scandalous. With the advent of cannabis products, there has been an increase in public comfort with the topic as minds have opened to its benefits. In addition to bringing the conversation to a broader audience, legalization has allowed more product innovation. The benefits of cannabis are no longer only felt through smoking. There is increased curiosity about what cannabis use can look like in this new age, especially among overworked parents looking for an alternative way to relax.

Why Is It No More Dangerous To Consume Cannabis Products Around Your Children If You Do It In Moderation?

Moderate cannabis consumption can be a welcome alternative to alcohol consumption. Parenting while hungover is never fun, so a few extra glasses of wine or cocktail is too big a risk for many to take. Cannabis products are an excellent option for parents looking for a more discrete, hangover-free way to go, now that so many non-odiferous options are available. The way most cannabinoids are extracted makes it a much healthier alternative to smoking tobacco alone. One of the preferred methods is using ethanol, you see ethanol’s boiling point is perfect for extracting cannabinoids and terpenes meaning the undesirable compounds are left behind and the good stuff remains

Which Strategies Do Parents Use When It Comes To Consuming Cannabis At Home With Their Children?

Finding the suitable form and dose that works best for your body and needs may require experimentation. During nap times and other times when parents have a break from their children at night or on weekends, novice users seem to be most comfortable testing out cannabis. Some users may even cultivate and cut their own by using a weed trimming machine. By doing more research, Parents can try different types of cannabis and understand how they work without worrying about their children nearby.

You don’t have to smoke flowers to consume cannabis edibles; tinctures and vapes are safe, discreet, and offer a range of strains and effects for relief. Alternatively, you can grow your own indoor marijuana seeds at home for your own supply of weeds.

Parents (as with all medical patients and adult-use customers) are encouraged to choose the option that fits their needs. Take it slow and start low. Please don’t overdo it.

As edibles emit no odor and are suitable for microdosing throughout the day, they are famous for parents. 

Sublingual tinctures with a high CBD to THC ratio are also popular among parents seeking relief from stress or anxiety during the daytime. Finding your sweet spot means experimenting with dosing because everyone’s body responds differently. A low dose is recommended, and then you can increase it over time.

These Days, Parents Spend A Lot Of Time With Their Children. When Cannabis Is Quarantined, How Can It Be Consumed Safely?

It is imperative to store cannabis products safely and secure the environment away from children, as with alcohol and other medications. Parents often have their own rules about how parents should use cannabis to ensure safety and discretion in addition to safe storage. As with timing the consumption of a bottle of wine, they might wait until their kids are in bed before enjoying an edible or smoking, for example. Others like to take microdoses throughout the day, allowing them to remain alert while enjoying the benefits of cannabis. In the end, it’s up to each individual and their family to decide what’s most appropriate for them.

How Does Cannabis Consumption Benefit Parents?

Cannabis products are used by both patients obtaining medical marijuana and adult consumers for pain management, pain relief, anxiety reduction, sleep improvement, and relaxation. During Covid-19, parents may also benefit in the same way, since they are faced with challenges like home-schooling, working from home, losing their jobs, living in small spaces, etc. Many parents are turning to cannabis as a way to cope with these stressors as well as to enhance their overall health. Cannabis can be a handy self-care tool, especially in challenging times like these.

Could Cannabis Consumption And Parenting Have A Brighter Future?

With so much attention paid to plant-based products, cannabis deserves to be included in the conversation. After all, it is only a plant! There is growing momentum as an increasing number of states legalize the plant for recreational and medical purposes so more people can access a plant-based alternative to help soothe, calm, or unwind.

Legalization leads to a natural by-product: normalization. Since many nations legalized cannabis, the drug’s stigma has already decreased significantly. Parents are becoming increasingly curious about the benefits of cannabis products, mainly as they deal with the additional stress and anxiety Covid-19 provides. The curiosity continues as parents see cannabis as a welcome alternative to pharmaceuticals.

Marijuana provides a path to well-being that is desirable and readily accessible. Cannabis has many benefits that are beneficial to people of all ages. It is appropriate to support experimentation with cannabis products in whatever way each individual feels comfortable.

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