The Perfect Backyard Play Kit: Swing Sets With Monkey Bars

For kids, there is nothing more fun and exciting than seeing a playground with a swing set and monkey bars. Playground sets like this provide kids with more options on how they can enjoy playing and explore different activities to try.

So if you are planning to set up a playground in your backyard for your kids, be more critical in choosing available swing sets for sale that you can find in the market. Take note of these factors when choosing a swing set with monkey bars if you want your kids to have the perfect swing set.

Factors to Consider When Choosing the Best Swing Sets with Monkey Bars

1. Safety

First and foremost, safety. Anyone who will build a swing set for their kids should take safety as the number one priority. Your kids’ life is at stake if you overlook safety precautions before purchasing a swing set.

Check if there are any sharp corners and objects found on the surface of the swing set. You also need to look for the chain coverings on the monkey bars for additional protection before ordering.

For wooden swing sets with monkey bars, you can check with the store or manufacturer on the chemicals applied to the wood. Make sure that these chemicals are not harmful when exposed to people. Some of the recommended woods for swing sets are redwood and cedar. These two have the best natural resistance when it comes to decaying and rotting.

Also, it is important to check the design and construction of the entire set. Does the arrangement of each part ensure safety and protection once the kids play on them?

Check if the bars have at least nine inches of space between them. This will avoid your children from getting entrapped in between the bars. You can also provide mats below the monkey bars to ensure safe landing and prevent injuries. Most of the time, it is not included in the set so make sure you do not forget to buy one and set the mats in the right place before you allow your children to play on them.

2. Available space

Larger swing sets with monkey bars will surely cause big smiles on your children’s faces. So if you can afford to buy one, why not?

But before you get too excited to buy a bigger swing set with monkey bars, you should use your available space first. It will help you avoid asking for a replacement in case the one you purchase is too big in your backyard.

Before you head to the market or check available swing sets for sale online, you should know the exact measurement of your backyard. It will help you decide on which set to choose and the proper placement of the swing set.

For example, if you have a vegetation area or garden in your backyard, you can decide on how much space or buffer zone you should allot in between them. It will ensure that your children will not run around the crops while playing and they will not destroy your plants.

3. Material used

The common materials used in swing sets with monkey bars are wood and metal. Some only use either one of these materials, and some use the combination of the two. But not one of them is better than the other. Both have pros and cons.

Wood swing sets are preferable for most homeowners because of their natural aesthetic. It blends in the backyard, especially if you also keep a garden. As mentioned, redwood and cedar are ideal types to choose from since they can both naturally resist damaging factors such as weathering, pests, and bugs. Therefore, you can ensure it can last long.

However, wood swing sets require a lot of maintenance. It may also contain harmful chemicals that can harm your children. You need to check with the store or manufacturer beforehand on what substances are used to ensure safety.

When it comes to metallic swing sets with monkey bars, you can ensure durability. But make sure that the metals used are of good quality and have a protective coating.

The best material is steel. But some companies may use steel alloys. They are durable as well, just make sure that it has a protective coating. Galvanized steel with powder coating is also an excellent option as it has high resistance to different weather conditions and rust.

But there are certain parts of a particular material that should only be used. For example, the monkey bars are not entirely made of metals since they can get too hot when exposed to the sun. Most of the monkey bars and seats are made up of wood or plastic to prevent your kids from getting burned. If the entire set is made of all metal parts and components, check the temperature capacity so you know if you can let your kids play on them on a sunny day.

4. Recommended age bracket

There are age classifications as well when it comes to swing sets. Before buying, check if the recommended age bracket on the set you want to buy is appropriate for your child. Some features, materials, and designs are not good for toddlers but may be okay to use for bigger kids. The size of the swing set will also matter.

By choosing the right set for your kid’s age, you can ensure their safety and lessen the chances of them getting into accidents while playing.

5. Budget

Many factors affect the price of swing sets with monkey bars such as the design, materials used, and size. Different manufacturers also offer different deals, that is why you need to compare which among them offers the best option for your allotted budget.

take your time to visit or inquire to several shops and manufacturers to find which one offers the cheapest option. Some people also believe that buying directly from the manufacturer will save you more money compared to buying from retailers.

The most important thing is you should set a realistic budget you can only afford and avoid overspending.

6. Ease of assembly and installation

The durability and safety of the swing set rely on proper installation. Depending on the size and design of the set is the difficulty and duration of its installation. Bigger sets may require several days to assemble, while smaller ones can only take a few hours as it is easy to manage.

You might also ask for professional assistance if you lack the skills and tools to do so. These professionals have experience in assembling playground sets to ensure it is safe for kids to use.

7. Customer reviews

Whenever in doubt, you can always read available reviews online about the manufacturer of the swing sets. Or you can also ask for recommendations from someone you know who has previously bought a swing set. They can further guide you on where to buy and what to look for when buying a swing set based on their experience.

With all this information, you can weigh your options and make the right decision as you buy a new swing set with monkey bars for your kids to play with.

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