Effective ways to Cut your Household Chores Time in Half

Families in Melbourne have various household chores that need to be attended to. Whether sweeping and mopping the floor, feeding pets and cleaning litter boxes, cleaning bathrooms, or washing dishes and kitchenware, these day-to-day chores can be time-consuming and stressful. But it isn’t supposed to be so.

On average, it takes 3 hours to clean a standard-sized home alone. However, include other tasks in the equation, and you will be shocked at how fast household chores can eat into your precious time. Learning how to cut your household chores time in half will help you complete these chores in time so that you can focus on other relevant matters.

Here is how to save time on household chores.


1. Include the Family

Data derived from the American Time Use Survey indicates that, on average, homeowners spend 90 minutes per day on household activities, like chores, maintenance, and yard work. If you do the math, that’s about 630 minutes per week, or over 10 hours of your time spent on household chores each week. Fair enough? Not everyone will agree!

If you feel 90 minutes of your time is too much to invest in household tasks, you may want to look for how to trim the time. Of course, there is a good way to do that, and it involves your family members.

Shouldering household tasks yourself will drain you and ensure that you spend more time completing each chore. Instead of going down that road, why not assign tasks to each member of your family? Tap into the benefits of division of labor, and you’ll be amazed at how quickly you’ll complete household chores.


2. Set a clock for 15 minutes

Always try to do bits of your household chores every day. Don’t decide to transfer all household chores to the weekend as you may end up being overwhelmed.

Instead, spend 15 minutes on little household tasks every day, so you don’t have much to do when the weekend arrives. While this may seem a little bit stressful for you, adopting this measure will save you from a lot of stress and headache in the future.


3. Seek professional help

If you are like some Melbourne residents who don’t have enough time to handle their household chores, probably due to work, age, or health reasons, you can consider hiring professionals to take care of your household chores.

There are a variety of professionals for each household chores. For instance, you need help with your landscape; you can hire landscape and yard cleaning services. The same applies to other types of tasks, including your laundry. For those who have boatloads of laundry to handle, you can contact Laundry service in Melbourne for assistance. These professionals have the staff and equipment needed to handle all of your laundry and deliver them to you in time.


4. Break house chores into bits

The smaller, the better! To cut your household chores time in half, consider breaking them in a bit. And how do you do that? For instance, if your goal is to clean your living room, you can break the tasks into bits then assign days for each disintegrated task. 

You can decide to clean, declutter, and dust your living room one day, then spot clean floors, spruce up the couch, and vacuum or sweep on another…in that manner. By breaking household chores into bits, you’ll end up completing them in time.


5. Develop time awareness

Whenever you start a house chore, ensure you complete it. Don’t give in to any distraction that may divert your attention from what needs to be done.

If you decide to leave a task half-done, the chances are that you wouldn’t come back to it. So once you begin a task, be it doing the laundry, deep cleaning your kitchen, or washing dishes, see that you finish it.

If you need the motivation to complete a task, you could consider putting on your favorite music, probably something that boosts the adrenaline rush. You can also monitor how long each task takes so you can dedicate enough time to meet each of your goals.


6. Have a space for supplies

To make cleaning easier and fun, try to dedicate a space for your cleaning supplies, so you don’t waste time looking for each supply. You can consider storing the supplies in your kitchen or toilet cabinet. Alternatively, you can store them in a storage room (if you have one in your home). Ensure you store all hazardous cleaning substances far from the reach of children and your pets.


7. Make a cleaning caddy.

Have a container that is easy to fill with supplies like cleaning solution, dish soaps, sponge, grout brush, stain remover, extendable duster, and other essential cleaning components. Ensure that this container is small enough so you can move it from room to room while cleaning.


8. Prioritise

So you have a bunch of chores to handle today. However, it seems like you wouldn’t be able to complete all the tasks within the designated timeframe. Rather than go ahead with unimportant tasks (which may likely cause you to postpone important ones), consider performing the essential household chores first. Then, the following day, you can prioritize the leftover tasks.


9. Keep it simple

Using various cleaning supplies for each cleaning task can increase the time spent on your household chores. Imagine having to use different cleaning solutions for diverse parts of your home. You’ll end up spending lots of time preparing these solutions for each task, and that could result in lots of time spent on a chore. To avoid this scenario, consider using multi-purpose cleaners, so you don’t need to separate cleaners for different areas of your home.


10. Dust and polish the surface first

How you approach your household chores will determine if you’d spend ages tackling them or a couple of minutes.

Quell the urge to clean haphazardly. Instead, start with dusting your furniture, accessories, gadgets, and other appliances in the home. Afterward, you can bring in your vacuum cleaner to discard dirt and dust residues from your floors. Ensure you don’t deduct your furniture to maintain its sharp appearance and quality.



You don’t have to rush your household chores to save time. With the tips highlighted above, you can clean your home effectively while saving time. Ensure you seek the help of professional cleaning services when required. They can help shoulder some cleaning tasks while attending to other crucial businesses. 





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