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Have you ever wondered how some of your friends are always showing off free samples of the latest products, or whey they always seem to be enjoying testing new products, trying new sports or visiting exciting places on weekends? There is a high chance that they are getting a lot of free samples by joining freebie websites and watching for the most interesting alerts.

A lot of companies give away free stuff UK to bloggers and even to normal consumers just so that they can take advantage of the publicity that the bloggers offer. There are entire communities devoted to tracking down the best free stuff, and some people go one step further entering competitions in a bid to get as many free products as possible. If you are interested in collecting free stuff then you should definitely join one of these communities.

Some free samples don’t look very impressive to begin with, but if you plan ahead they can be really handy. Free calendars always come in useful, as do free pens and pencils. Even small samples of cosmetics can be useful – if they are small enough to go through airport security, save them for the summer holidays and you will save a fortune compared to having to buy travel cosmetics at airport prices when you mistakenly pack full-size products and have to replace them at the last second.

Samplers of drinks and chocolates are handy for picnics or trips away, or even just to take into the office instead of having to use a vending machine.

Some companies even give away free t-shirts, bags and other small items of clothing. While you would never make your wardrobe out of these items, they can still be a really nice addition for those days when you want to wear something really casual. Even if you save the clothes for jogging or going to the gym, you will get a lot of use out of them.

Take a moment to sign up to your local freebie hunting site today. The sites are always friendly and a lot of fun to browse, and you may make some new friends while you find great ways to save money. Everyone wins, and you will be the envy of your friends because you will know all about the latest and most exciting products. Make free stuff hunting a part of your daily routine!

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