What Type of Bra Should I Get for My Body Type?

Choosing a bra is all about finding the right fit that helps you feel comfortable and confident. But when you’re shopping for bras, you’ll often find that it can be a bit overwhelming to choose one that’s flattering. There are different measurements for bands and cups to take into account. Typically, retailers don’t use the same sizing. For example, a balconette bra might fit perfectly in one store but not another. And you have to consider that different styles affect the fit and look of your body. If you’re having trouble finding your perfect fit, you may want to consider shopping for bras according to your body type. Learn the best type of bra for your body type below!

Pear Body Type


People with a pear shape body type typically have narrow shoulders and a smaller bust. Your bottom half tends to be wider in the area of your hips. To round out these proportions, you’ll want to balance it all with the use of a balconette bra or even a push-up bra. Padded bras are also a great option to enhance the look of your bust. When you create a larger bust area, it helps to draw more attention upwards and balance out a wider bottom half.

Banana Body Type

This body type is typically associated with straight body types without much difference in the width of the bust, waist, and hips. Straight body types may want to use a halter-style everyday bra to add curves. Perhaps you’re shopping for new lingerie because you’ve recently lost some weight and are hoping to find bras that are a better fit. Using a detox tea with natural ingredients can help you maintain weight loss. Along with a proper diet, the SkinnyFit detox tea is great for promoting weight loss, aiding digestion, and improving overall wellness. Feel free to check out SkinnyFit reviews to learn more about how their detox tea blend can help you maintain your shape.

Hourglass Body Type


If you’ve got a symmetrical ratio of bust and hips with a smaller waist, then this is likely your body type. Some hourglass body types will have small or large busts. It’s best to go with something more coverage. Choose a top with a fuller cup for maximum comfort and style. When it comes to this body type, cup size and style are the most important factors.

Apple Body Type

People with an apple-shaped body type typically have broad shoulders and narrow hips. Most of the time, they’ll have a fuller bust. If you identify with this body type, you’ll need a bra with proper support to avoid cup spills. Try to avoid padded styles to avoid looking a bit top-heavy. You’ll want to be careful about strapless styles, which could potentially lead to mishaps with an improper fit. Choose a style with a good lift, perhaps with underwire or full cups. It’s all about emphasizing coverage and support with this body type.

If you’re struggling with what to choose, keep in mind that bralettes are a great option for all types of bodies. They have no underwire or padding, so you’ll find that it’s comfortable and easy to put on. Whether you choose a strappy bralette or a lace bralette, you’ll find that they’re versatile and work for most shapes and sizes. For fuller busts, there are bralette styles that offer a snug band for support. With a smaller bust, it’s a great way to show off fun straps or back details. There is a perfect style for every shape, body type, and size, so find one that makes you feel like the best version of yourself!

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