What Should You Check for Designer Home Accessories Before Hiring?


The home accessories market has been steadily growing over the last few years. According to recent reports, the global home decor market was valued at $616.6 billion in 2019.


Seeking to capitalise on the rise of the home decor market, many start-ups have begun renting high-end or designer housewares to customers seeking a more affordable alternative to purchasing luxury items.


Home accessories for hire companies have been popping up all over the world, all promising the same thing – the chance to hire high-quality decor for your home that would otherwise be unaffordable.


The following article will explain what to check while choosing the best designer home accessories for hire.


1) Check the Brand

Most reputable home accessories for hire companies work with well-established brands whose products can be trusted.


It means that you can be sure that the designer home accessories offered will have been tried and tested, and your event’s decoration will not fall flat.


2) Check the Quality

Good designer home accessories companies should offer you the chance to try out their products before hiring them. It ensures that they can prove that the quality of their products is top-notch.


3) Check the Catering

When hiring home accessories companies, you should consider whether they can cater to your specific request.


For instance, if you are looking to hire luxury tableware for your corporate event or an exclusive, more formal event, you should work with a company that can fulfil your specific requests and assist you in planning the event.


4) Ask About Latest Trends

The latest trends are what set the tone for any event. If you are looking to hire home accessories that will have your guests talking, you should work with an expert, designer home accessories company that knows how to keep up with the latest trends.


5) Ask for Recommendations

These companies are often in touch with other organisations that have used their services, working both big and small events.


It means that you can be sure that the home accessories company will have a history of delivering what they promise, and their products have been tried and tested.


6) Check What is Included in the Packages

Before agreeing to work with such a company, you need to know what is included in your package.


You should check whether the cost of hiring the designer home accessories includes servicing, delivery and storage. You may also wish to check whether you will need to hire additional items such as tables, chairs or lighting.


7) Check the Payment Options

Good designer home accessories companies will always offer you flexible payment plans.


Many companies offer discounts or free services when you pay in advance.

It means that you should agree with the payment plan before hiring so that you do not have to pay extra for delivery or servicing.



Hiring designer home accessories for your special events can add a touch of elegance that may otherwise be unaffordable.


However, you need to ensure that you work with reputable home accessories for hire companies that will work within your budget and deliver unique designer homes.



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