Is a family portrait with the newborn a good idea?

Are you one of those people who wants to get a family portrait done but consider it cliché? Well, it might surprise you to know how a family portrait can create an impact on a child’s growth. When you think of your childhood home, there is always a family portrait hanging on some wall. The truth is these photos tie you with the family and hold memories that stand through time. 

The legacy of a family portrait carries on from generation to generation, so it is crucial to make time for them. These visual shots remind you about the comfort and support that runs in the family that will help them get through anything in life. 

This article will remind you of the importance of getting a family portrait done with the newborn.

Acts as a self-esteem booster

According to psychologists, photos are the best therapy that allows a child to learn about their identity and where they fit in. It creates a sense of self-awareness among the children and helps them understand the love and support that runs in the family. 

The visual reminder helps them develop a feeling of belongingness and boost their self-esteem. Hanging a family portrait with the child helps them realize that the family will always support them no matter how difficult things might seem.

Kids understand their place in the family.

Visual cues help the kids understand the significance of the family, especially when they are young. A farmed portrait positioned in the center of the living space or the kid’s bedroom is a constant reminder of where they belong and where they have come from.

It shows them the kind of love and warmth the family had while embracing them into the family. Kids develop an awareness about their family lineage and grow appreciation towards the concept of family.  

Documentation of the kid’s growth

Family portraits that capture the newborn, and the various stages of their life, help the parents embrace every moment of life. Kids mature quickly, and family portraits act as a visual representation of the changes that took place over the years. Every family must have its unique way of capturing the milestones. Such family tradition helps create a family bond and shows how the family has evolved together. 

Imbibe family values among the kids

Family portrait creates a sense of togetherness, family pride, and sentimentality among kids. It is a link that preserves and cherishes the connection between families that the recent selfie culture can never create. 

These family portraits are the treasure that can restore family values and are an excellent way to capture the personalities and likeness of the family.  

Relive memories

A family portrait has the power to take you back to the exact moment and make you relieve that memory. Not only does it remind you of that moment, but also of that period. The way you, the way your family looked, the bright smile of the newborn child, and the happiness of that time. A family portrait can bring you back in time and is a great way to recollect forgotten memories.

Tips and tricks for taking a great family portrait

– Take good rest and eat a good meal before you go for the shoot. Hunger and fatigue can create restlessness which can be evident in your picture.

– Choose outfits with complementing colours and prints. Try adding more bright pop colours which look great on camera

– Reconsider the tradition of smiling and looking at the camera. Always remember that not everyone is required to smile and look into the camera. You can always create a candid effect where you smile and look at each other.

– The portrait needs to depict the love and happiness that runs in the family therefore, it is okay to have fun while getting captured. The more fun you have the brighter the bond shall shine.

– While shooting with kids, get down on their eye level to get more engaging and interactive photographs. 

– Use the centre point to focus as it tends to be most useful for family portraits. 

– A proper aperture setting can influence the outcome of your family portrait. 

– If you are planning to do your photo session at home, consider your home décor style while picking your outfit. Choose clothes that can blend in the colour scheme of your home. 

– For a perfect family portrait, select outfits that will make the picture timeless and classic. 

Hire a professional photographer

It is always advisable to hire a professional photographer who has a well-established studio. These photographers know how to introduce a new member of the family and make the rest of the family feel at ease. Newborn photography is not an easy task and you need someone experienced to do the needful. Taking a fun and natural family portrait can be challenging as you are working with normal people who have no idea how to pose in front of a camera.

Family portraits can come out stiffs and the mood can look stressful. You need professional photographers who can set the mood for the family and make the picture look relaxed and confident. Such photographers have a wide range of equipment with a variety of settings. They hold years of experience and all the essential photography equipment required for better photography.


According to psychologists, photos must be displayed on the prominent wall. Displaying the photos in the home sends a message that the family honor the memories and the values. It shows that the family belongs together. People generally end up regretting not having enough family portraits together. It helps the further generation understand the concept of family lineage.

While sharing these pictures with your family, sit in the living room and get the additional photos. Tell the stories about your generation so that kids can relate to the rest of the family. Get done with the selfie culture and establish a portrait tradition in your family. Place a family portrait in your child’s room so that it can be one of the last things they see before going to bed and first thing after waking up.

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