How To Effectively Communicate With Parents In Childcare


Communication with parents is vital in childcare. Parents want to be informed about the well-being of their children. Childcare providers have to keep parents updated about any changes made.


Childcare services are increasing. In the UK, there has been a rise in the number of childcare places available. In 2019, there were reportedly 1,655,800 available, whilst in 2021 there were 1,674,200.

With a rising number of services, childcare providers must have strong communication skills to keep parents informed about their children.


Here are a few ways childcare providers can communicate with parents more effectively.


Invest In Technology


A common trend in many childcare services is using technology to keep parents informed. It could be sending updates about what their child has learned that day or any of their achievements.


It could be having an online platform that parents can access daily. It could be a place where parents can access any updates or upcoming events. Consider investing in innovative solutions, like Nursery Story, to keep parents informed. It allows childcare providers to communicate effectively with parents about their children. Additionally, it is an excellent tool for employees to communicate about factors to be aware of.


Flexible In Communication


When communicating with parents, there is not a solution that will suit everyone. Utilising an online platform that allows childcare providers to message updates about children to parents might be ideal for some. Others prefer having conversations on their child’s development in person.


Similar to how each child is different, their families will also vary. One of the best ways to communicate effectively with parents is by being flexible in updating them. Ask them how they would like to be updated before their child’s first day. After finding out, you can update their record to show other employees how the child’s parent wants to receive updates. It can help to keep everyone informed and the parent’s happy.


Work Collaboratively


During a child’s time with a childcare provider, the chances are high that an issue may arise. When a problem does occur, parents and childcare providers should work collaboratively to resolve the issue. Spend time finding a solution that works for everyone and has the best outcome for the child.


Parents might offer suggestions that will not work due to regulations in place. In these instances, being open and honest as you explain the issue could help the parents understand better. Being patient will be incredibly beneficial, as it can allow both of you to communicate effectively. Additionally, be open to suggestions to help maintain the level of trust parents have instilled in you.



In childcare, trust between the providers and parents is crucial. For parents, trusting their child’s childcare provider will provide peace of mind that they are being looked after. Childcare providers need the trust to help them deliver the best service. Ultimately, both parties want what is best for the child. Effective and strong communication is essential to help ensure the child is happy and engaged in the learning provided.

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