5 Modern Graduation Announcement Card Ideas

Sending cards is a tradition associated with some holidays and special occasions. Many people exchange cards at Christmas and on Valentine’s Day. People also buy cards to accompany birthday and wedding gifts.

Giving out illustrated cards has been a tradition for hundreds of years, but companies didn’t mass-produce cards until the mid-1800s. Since then, the cards have evolved with technology, and consumers can customize cards to suit their needs and preferences. You can consider several design options when preparing modern graduation announcement cards. Examining your options will help you create the perfect graduation announcement.

1. Create a printed card with a single photo.


Creating graduation cards is an excellent way to personalize these cards and produce keepsakes that family members will cherish. Thanks to modern technology, creating a graduation announcement with a single photo is a straightforward process.

Photo product service companies like Mixbook have custom photo tools available on their websites, making it easy for consumers to personalize existing templates. Head to the photo product company’s website and select your preferences to create a graduation announcement card with one photo. The tool has various design options you can choose from, such as a photo card featuring the graduate’s school colors or a card with a framed photo.

After you select a template, the tool prompts you to select the size and shape of the card, upload a photo, and add text to personalize the card. Once your card’s ready, you can order a single copy or multiple copies for every family member.

2. Opt for a fun design.


Although graduation is a significant event, you don’t have to create a formal graduation announcement card. Instead, you can choose from whimsical design templates to create a fun card. This is an excellent option if your graduate is a fun-loving person with a playful personality. Personalized cards are often most effective when they reflect the subject’s personality, and the graduate will appreciate a card that reflects their character.

3. Choose announcement card magnets.


You don’t have to print graduation announcement cards on paper. Instead, you can opt to create an announcement card magnet. Magnets are a practical option because you can put them on your fridge and use them to pin up coupons or shopping lists. People that use magnets regularly may appreciate this option instead of a printed card because they’ll get to use and appreciate the magnet card for many months.

4. Use multiple photos.


Creating an announcement card with two or more photos is a good option if you’re finding it hard to choose between photos. It’s also a great option if you’re creating an announcement for your child’s college graduation because you may want to include all their graduation photos on that card, such as their elementary, middle, and high school graduation photos.

You don’t have to limit your photo choices to prior graduation photos, either. You could create a collage including the graduate’s baby photo and other memorable photos taken throughout the years. You could also choose silly photos to create a fun multi-photo card.

Multiple photos are also a great option if you create a graduation card announcement for twins. Using multiple photos is the perfect way to create a single card that features both siblings.

5. Create a card from scratch.


You may opt to design a card from scratch. This option isn’t limited to graphic designers because the card design software walks you through every step of the process. Choose to create a blank card and select the card size, orientation, and format. You can even add printed envelopes to your order. Once you’ve chosen the paper type, you can use the tool to upload photos and add text.

Technology makes it easy to create custom graduation card announcements. You can use templates to produce cards with one or more photos. You can also create magnets, use a whimsical design template, or create a card from scratch.

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