5 Ways to Make Your Bedroom Your Sanctuary

5 Ways To Transform Your Bedroom Into A Sanctuary - Tasteful Space

You can make your bedroom more than a place to sleep, as it can serve more than one purpose. Your bedroom can be your sanctum. It is a conducive place for relaxing, reading, and unwinding about your life or all the happenings that have taken place in your day when you get back home. With a restful, comfortable, and good ambiance space, you get enough to sleep and wake up refreshed. Therefore, if you see or feel your bedroom requires a calm, less drama, and serene environment, below are ways to make your bedroom your comfortable sanctuary.

1. Look for simplicity

Having less movement in your bedroom is of good reason. Having more than the stuff you require makes your space have a lot, making it burdensome when arranging. Narrow down the room to only the essential things. If you are a side sleeper, choose a mattress in considerations for side sleepers and other things you must have. In this way, your bedroom will look more appealing and relaxing and is easy to clean. Get rid of the unused chairs and an extraneous pile of books. Avoid having a long table with little space and other unnecessary furniture. Getting rid of the unwanted things make your bedroom simple, has a beautiful view and makes you purchase quality furniture for your room.

2. Choose a calm colour

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Paint color changes the mood in your room. Painting a room is one of the low costing projects you can undertake when revamping your bedroom, which has a big payoff. To come up with a calm color, you need to take time and find out from your inner self the color that makes you relax and feel re-energized. In some instances, people choose off-white or plain white colors for their rooms to their sense of purity and cleanliness. Painting a light color expands your space visually. However, some people find white colors too harsh and dark colors cozy. Get calm matching colors for the walls and the trim.

3. Get the right height for the nightstand

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According to research, the best height for a nightstand is a few inches higher than the height of your mattress. However, many disagree with this proposal. Having such a nightstand makes the chances of knocking off stuff over as you try to reach or fetch for a glass of water. When you have a nightstand that is the lower or same height as the mattress keeps you at risk of knocking your items over frequently and having breakages. Plus, it gets difficult for you to reach things lower on your night tables when sitting in bed, in comparison to the night tables that are higher or the same height as your bed mattress.

4. Anchor your bed

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It is good to have conventional spots along the wall for your bed if your room is not too spacious. Avoid putting up a full or partial height wall around your bed. Research the best headboards for your bed and those that fit your budget. For instance, getting a Feng Shui tenet as your headboard guards against noise and drafts and gives a sense of psychological security. When anchoring the bed avoid the window wall to avoid cold drafts that can make you sick and disrupt your sleep. Having a bench at the foot of your bed is another way of anchoring your bed into position. The foot bench can also act as a good drop-off for your sleeping robe instead of landing on the floor.

5. Get a touchy feeling

The touchy feel incorporates various textures to please not only your sense of touch but also your eyes. Different paint on walls gives different feelings about your bedroom. Covering your walls with a grass wall type of paint gives a warm feeling, and its quality is tactile. Figure out the feel you want to experience when entering your room and choose the best ways to fulfill that feeling. You can get one that will not cost you much. In case you need to revamp the room later. Have a rug area so on waking up, your feet have a place to land on other than the cold floor. 


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