Top Tips For A Panic Attack

If you suffer from panic attacks, you’ve likely been there before. Those times where you suddenly have difficulty breathing, experience a rapid heart rate, and you start to get tense and even dizzy. These are the physical sensations that you will experience during a panic attack and they are accompanied by various negative thoughts and feelings. It’s during these times when you may lose control of yourself and you may not be able to control your emotions.

However, despite feeling this way, there are things you can do to regain your composure and minimize the negative effects of a panic attack. Here are some of the best tips that you can use when you are dealing with a sudden panic attack. 

1. Take a Breath

One-off the simplest and best things you can do is take a breath. It may feel as if you’re choking or suffering from major shortness of breath. Because of this, managing your breath is key during this situation. You want to focus on breathing first and foremost. Try to focus solely on breathing and you will notice dramatic and rapid improvements.

How To Direct Your Breath:

If you are suffering from the onset of a panic attack and you are looking to remedy it, you’ll want to direct your breath properly. You can do this by breathing slowly and with purpose. By doing this, you can counteract the shallow breathing that you will normally experience during your panic attack. 

Ideally, you want to place your hands on your diaphragm. From there, you will want to fill up your diaphragm with oxygen. Once you inhale deeply, you will feel this part of your belly rise. As you exhale, you’ll notice it doing the opposite. All of the deliberate breaths that you take will help to soothe your body and mind inherently.

It’s also helpful that you count every breath you take. Starting with your first one and continuing to do so each subsequent breath. This will allow you to breathe much better and it can help you feel increasingly calm by having something to distract you from whatever’s triggering your panic attacks.

Some Of The Benefits Of Box Breathing For Stress Management:

– Get Loose

Whenever you are suffering from panic attacks, you’re likely to notice that you start to experience pain, numbers, or tension throughout your body. Because of this, you will want to try to minimize the tension you are experiencing. The best way you can do this is by relaxing your body. This will help you reduce any discomfort you are experiencing. By getting rid of the tension physically present in your body, it can help you reduce any anxiety you are experiencing.

Try to start with your arm and work your way up. You’ll want to loosen every set of muscles in your arm leading up to your shoulder. Switch to your other arm and do the same thing. Continue to do the same thing with your legs.

You’ll want to focus on every muscle group in your body. Go all the way up to your head. You want to work on your facial muscles, as well. There tends to be a lot of built-up and excess tension around your head and neck area. You can do this by easing your neck, moving your jaw back and forth, and even relaxing your forehead.

– Change Your Mind

When you are dealing with a panic attack, you may realize that a lot of your fears are irrational. Despite knowing this, you may continue to experience the sensation. Whenever you are faced with these negative thoughts that are bringing on panic attacks, you’ll want to try to think of something else. Find something that can take your mind off the situation.

Ideally, you want to shift your thinking to things that are much more pleasant to think about. Rather than worrying about the current situation that’s causing the panic attack, you can divert your attention to more positive thoughts. Whether it’s a pet that you love, someone you care about, or something else – finding something or someone to distract you can work wonders.

It can be very helpful to think about things that make you laugh or even envision yourself in much more pleasant scenery. You can picture yourself sitting on the beach as the wind blows through your hair. Continue to tell yourself positive affirmations. Repeat these affirmations over and over and you’ll begin to believe them. This can keep you from having negative thoughts dominating your mind.

Can I Stop An Attack From Coming On?

Confront The Panic Attack Head On

One of the best ways to start the management of panic attacks is by facing your fears head-on. You want to face your fears as much as possible because it will help you work through them and learn that the fears are irrational. If you experience panic attacks in public settings, force yourself to be put in them. 

If you are suffering from panic attacks that are unpredictable with no particular triggers, you’re going to want to tackle it as it comes. You want to remain as self-aware as possible whenever you are experiencing a panic attack. This way, you can better handle the situation and cope with the symptoms. Understand how you are feeling and continue to remind yourself that it’s not the end of the world.

Follow Recommendations

You will get a lot of tailored advice from your doctor. They can prescribe you medication that you can take to deal with any panic attacks you’re having. Some of the most popular medications include; Xanax, Ativan, and Klonopin.

Your doctor may prescribe antidepressants like Prozac that are used in longer-term prevention efforts. However, these drugs can take weeks to kick in. Therefore, they need to be taken consistently to see results.

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