Simple Steps to Live a More Sustainable Life


There is no doubt that we all need to start doing more to protect our world. For the generations to come, we must act now to bring about the changes that are so necessary for our planet’s health. Everything we do in our daily lives makes a little lasting footprint on the environment. These footprints all add up to one massive dent in our already damaged world. But the reverse is also true if we all take small simple steps each day to live a more sustainable life that will make a positive impact on our environment going forward. Being kinder to our planet can also have a positive impact on our own lives. It encourages us to live healthier, save money and eat better. We have the chance to teach our children about the value of sustainability from a young age so for them it’s the normal way to live. In recent years there have been so many people coming up with new and innovative ways to allow us to be more sustainable, but it can be hard to factor yet another responsibility into our daily lives. Not to worry, it doesn’t have to be a huge shift, try following some of these simple steps. 


Re-use, Recycle

Single-use products are one of the biggest causes of environmental damage. As they can only be used once, they clog up our landfills and end up in the ocean harming the wildlife and habitats. On your first step to living a more sustainable life try switching to a reusable product where you can. A reusable coffee cup and wide mouth steel water bottle will save you so much waste and, in some places, they offer you a discount when you bring in your own. Always take reusable shopping bags with you when you shop so you don’t have to buy plastic ones and include mesh bags for loose produce.


If you can’t re-use it, recycle it. Most local authorities now pick up recycling from your home so it’s easy. Check packaging and pop everything you can into your recycle bin including cardboard and glass. Recycling doesn’t stop there you can recycle clothes and furniture too. Do everything you can to stop it going to a landfill. Use some of the popular recycling sites online if you have things you want to give away. Remember one person’s junk is another person’s treasure. 

Grow your own

Get out in your garden and start growing your own flowers and food. In the UK flowers are imported from abroad contributing to the impact air travel has on our environment. Plant rows of flowers in your garden by season so you can have fresh flowers throughout the year. Not only will they look beautiful they will encourage bees, our essential pollinators. Bees play a vital role in the maintenance and ecological balance of our natural world. 


Eating a more plant-based diet is not only good for your health, but also really good for our planet. Eating less meat helps to lessen CO2 emissions and reduces over processing. Growing your own fruits and vegetables is a great way to adopt a healthier diet and it saves you unnecessary trips to the supermarket. To make the biggest environmental impact don’t use pesticides and grow organically where possible. Pesticides pollute the air and water so try using an environmentally friendly alternative. Why not buy a fruit cage like the ones available at William James & Co? These handy cages will protect your delicious fruit and vegetables from animals and birds without using any nasty chemicals.


Re-think Waste

No matter what everyone creates waste every day. But there are some things we can do to reduce that waste significantly. Starting in the kitchen, food waste is a big challenge in the fight against climate change. Get creative and try to think of your food waste as extra ingredients. Reuse vegetable scraps in soups and sauces, make breadcrumbs from your stale crusts. When you put your mind to it almost everything can be reused. For the food wasteyou cannot reuse, add it to your compost heap. You can then use this to enrich your flower beds or veg patch. 


To help with other kinds of waste try to buy biodegradable where possible. Biodegradable products and packaging tend to be made using natural ingredients including plant fibres. They are designed to dissolve when they come into contact with nature meaning they will disappear and cause no harm to the environment. Check the labels as some products are better than others. 


Remember each small step we take counts and if everyone does the same, we will make a positive impact on our environment. When you begin to take the steps towards sustainably you will notice a bigger appreciation of the world we live in and a new gratitude for all it gives to us. 

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