Biking With Your Kids to the Park in 2022

The typical family calendar is a labyrinth of meetings, doctors’ appointments, school events and extracurricular activities bound to make anybody’s head spin. Amid the chaos of daily life, parents crave to spend quality time with their kids. If doing more together as a family is one of your goals for 2022, biking may be just the activity you’re looking for.

Checking Off Family Time & Being More Eco This Year

Families who spend quality time together develop meaningful relationships that build closeness and encourage openness and honesty. Biking creates a low-pressure environment for kids to share their worries and seek parental advice.

While you’re strengthening bonds and staying fit, you’re also doing a world of good for … well, the world. Bicycles are a pollution-free mode of transportation that require significantly less production emissions than cars. In addition, many bike trails wind through green spaces, allowing your family ample opportunities to connect with nature. The more time spent outdoors, the more kids learn what is helpful and harmful to the environment.

Minimizing Your Family’s Carbon Footprint

When your kids see their mom hop on her womens hybrid bike to go grocery shopping instead of driving her SUV, they are learning an important lesson; choosing to ride a bike over riding in a car for short distances reduces your carbon footprint.

Even if sweating isn’t your thing, particularly before work, you can find an electric trike for sale for a leisurely and eco-friendly commute.

Cultivating a Habit of Bike Riding

As with any new pursuit, it takes patience and persistence to form bike riding into a habit. Be realistic about your expectations, acknowledging that younger children will pedal at a slower pace, require frequent stops and need cajoling to push past complaining.

Before you can take your first ride, every family member needs to be outfitted with a good-quality bike. Solid options such as the best beach cruiser bikes will give your family hours of exercise and enjoyment.

Start with short rides on smooth, flat terrain to fun destinations. The park is always a favorite stop. Entertain the kids during the ride by listening to music, playing “I Spy” or having mini races. Read your children’s cues to determine when it’s time to call it quits for the day.

Riding Safely With Kids and ToddlersInstill safety habits from the start. Minimize risk and avoid injuries by teaching your kids these safety practices:

  • Make sure everyone wears a helmet even for short distances. Helmets should be properly fitted and worn correctly.
  • Familiarize yourself with bicycle laws and communicate them to family members.
  • If you’re using a child bike seat, confirm height and weight restrictions.
  • Keep the air in your tires filled.
  • Check your brakes regularly.
  • Stick to bike baths and paved trails.
  • Model bike etiquette such as using proper signals, giving space and keeping to the right side of the path.

Biking checks off so many goal boxes, it should be on everyone’s list of family activities. To make the most of your cycling outings, choose bikes from reliable brands that are built to be as long-lasting as the memories you make with your loved ones.

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