Minimalist Decor: Home Decor Tips For Better Organized Spaces

The way people maintain and decorate their living spaces has changed drastically s compared to the last few years. We’ve seen people taking the “go big or go home” approach to interior decoration, with opulence and ornate fixtures all around. These households are not just high maintenance, they also take up a lot of time and can end up seemingly cluttered in the long run. Today, we’re seeing the rise of minimalism as a lifestyle movement, where people are all trying to create a more sustainable lifestyle. Minimalism is the art of simplifying your life, routine and living to make space for conscious experiences. However, by no way does minimalism indicate that you can’t live with high standards; if anything, minimalist homes lead to integrating more tasteful decor. 

If you’re trying to integrate more space into your house or feel like there is too much going on with the color, patterns and overall decor, it may be time for a reset. As we celebrate the Lunar New Year with the year of the water tiger, it seems like a great way to start things over in the home front. This blog will help you switch things up and create a better layout for your home. It works wonderfully well for large spaces and small ones. Use the tips mentioned below in combination with each other to have classier homes that look well spaced and free of clutter.

  • 1) Switch to a limited color palette: The primary trend observed in the previous decade was the use of bold jewel tones and multiple colors for the home palette. This meant painting the walls a myriad of colors and patterns that gave a rich feel to the entire home. However, the challenge with such choices and painting is that it gets boring to look at in a short time. Also, the darker tones make a living space look smaller than they are, becoming depressing in the colder months when there is a scarcity of natural sunlight to brighten the room. Minimalism is admired globally because of the uniformity it provides. Don’t be mistaken, it’s not about using stark and vanilla white on all your walls. We recommend using a limited color palette that has all light shades working well together to blend in seamlessly. For instance, you could still make your hose look royal by using the combination of ivory and gold paints, playing with patterns. The lesser colors you choose, the less number of breaks there are in your home. This means that your rooms will look bigger and lighter.
  • 2) Embrace empty spaces and create focal points: We often have the urge to cover every empty space with a piece if decor or furniture. However, minimalism teaches us the art of embracing these empty spaces and instead of creating a focal point in every room. This gives your home a more purposeful layout, removing any ambiguity. For example, your bedroom’s focus is the bed, being a place of rest. Rather than adding loud colors and bold texture, give the room a soft look with the focal point of your bed. Add comforting artwork and only essential furnishings like a bedside table and your wardrobe. This will push you to keep the sanctity of your resting periods and motivate you to leave the room to start your day off. Similarly, work on your home office, living room and kitchen with more open spaces.
  • 3) Get into accent decor: Having a minimalist-styled home doesn’t mean that you avoid bright decor and furniture. It simply means that you use these elements like decorative accents rather than letting their presence overpower the entire room. Create clean lines and neat shapes with RTA cabinets decorated with stand-alone showpieces that make your home look tastefully colorful. Choose to flow with a theme and then pick upholstery that fit your walls and furniture colors.
  • 4) Take time to declutter and rearrange: If you want a redo of the new year, this is the perfect time to start over. The lunar new year can be a great kick-starter to remove the old so that there’s space for newer things to come. Take the time to check what fixtures and inclusions at home serve a purpose actively and which ones are just in place collecting dust. You can upcycle such objects, sell them in a garage sale or auction them on online websites that have a lot of potential buyers. If you don’t know how to start, use Mary Kondo’s mantra and ask yourself if a particular object sparks joy or serves a purpose in life. Once you know the answer, you’ll easily be able to declutter.
  • 5) Get as much natural light: One of the key elements of a bright and happy home is the presence of natural light. As the weather is shifting, you can rearrange your furniture in a way that does not block any inlet of fresh air circulation and natural sunlight. This will give your home a positive and well-spaced aura.
  • 6) Use what you have to draw attention: You don’t have to spend thousands of dollars to have a beautifully minimalist home. All you need to do is consolidate what you have and use it more purposefully. Perhaps an artwork that is too loud for the bedroom can enliven the living space. Having old natural straw baskets can be colored or bleached to be used as kitchen accessory holders and make it look good.


Wrapping Up:

Most of the minimalist movement seen on social media just sends a subliminal message to viewers that even this style of home decor requires a certain status. However, the reality of minimalism is based on being mindful of your consumption and footprint. Once you segregate things you don’t need, there will be a tonne of stuff that can be upcycled to create beautiful pieces for your home. In this, you not only save money but also learn how to repurpose existing materials to make them more useful. We hope that these tips help you achieve the best look for your house.

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